Food News: Domino’s Changing It’s Pizza Recipe

Domino’s is doing the unthinkable…and it may be a good thing.  I’m not a Domino’s hater but surely there are many out there.  It might be time to revisit Domino’s and their new pizza recipe.  Times change and tastes change…after 50 years, it’s time for something a bit different.  Domino’s is beginning to roll out the “new taste” pizza already and aims for December 27th for all locations to have adapted the change.  A special introductory offer to please your wallet will be 2 Medium, 2-topping pizzas for $5.99 each.

So what’s changing?

  • The Crust: A garlic seasoned crust with parsley baked in
  • The Sauce: Sweeter and bolder with herbs and red pepper
  • The Cheese: Shredded 100% real mozzarella and flavored with a hint of provolone

New Domino's Pizza Recipe

33 comments on “Food News: Domino’s Changing It’s Pizza Recipe

  1. Justin says:

    Wow, it’s about time. This is a really good move. Now we’ll have to see if this results in a better tasting, flavorful pizza, or if it’s corporate BS. That’s a pretty sweet deal that I will be taking up anyways, can’t wait!

  2. Scott says:

    We tried the new pizza last Saturday without realizing it. Everyone noticed the new crust immediately. It’s delicious. Now that I know the sauce and cheese are new, too, I’ll pay more attention next time!

  3. Yum Yucky says:

    Oh yes. I called my Domino’s earlier today. They have it. I’m eating it tonight. Muwuaahhhh!

  4. I’m a little worried about the “sweeter bolder” taste of the sauce. I have always found the sauce to already be too sweet.

  5. SkippyMom says:

    I have to agree with Greg on this – I don’t like sweet sauce and that is why I don’t like Dominos – so to make it even sweeter?

    It figures tho’ – the sweetest spaghetti sauce on the market is also the #1 seller in the US – and it is nasty. Prego. Yuck.

    Guess most people like their sugar.

    The crust sounds good.

  6. Wow, anything would be an improvement, wouldn’t it? Putting sauce and cheese on the box might even be a step up. My local D’s closed for the 2nd time (2nd owner) in the past year. So I will have to wait to try this magical concoction.

  7. IBeAnonymous says:

    I must be the only person around who actually likes Dominos the way it is! Try the white garlic parm sauce instead of marinara. Get it with grilled chicken. It’s too amazing for words!

  8. Kurt says:

    I agree with IBeAnonymous on Domino’s white sauce. Paired with thin crust, it is amazing! The sliced italian sausage works great with it too.

  9. John says:

    I already had it a few days ago, and it’s definately way better. The crust, in particular, is really good. I want to try it again soon and pay more attention to the cheese and sauce, but this is a good move by Dominos.

  10. Adam Bomb says:

    Isn’t this move kind of like saying “Okay yeah, our product sucks. We know. We’ll try and do it again, and make it right this time.”? I mean, they’re not just introducing a new pizza, they’re replacing their main product, right? Big move, and it just seems like they’re admitting that their old pizza wasn’t good enough.

    I haven’t had a Domino’s pizza in 15-20 years, so I can’t really say if their pizza is any good.

  11. Adam Bomb says:

    Here, I found a quote that says what I was getting at more clearly:

    “Restaurant industry consultant Howard Gordon, speaking to ABC about Domino’s move, said, ‘I don’t know of any [restaurant] company that has attempted this,’ adding, ‘Once you’ve built a brand, that’s your brand. To change it means that everything you’ve stood for isn’t right.'”

    I think the guy’s got a point.

  12. Ryan says:

    @ Adam Bomb … Yeah I agree…Although I do think Domino’s is a big enough brand name to be able to do this and pull it off. That being said…I have yet to try the new recipe pizza but as the old saying goes with pizza…even when it’s bad it’s still pretty good.

    GrubGrade readers…
    Out of the BIG 3…Domino’s, Pizza Hut and Papa John’s which do you put at the top? I’m not really crazy about Pizza Hut pizza at all and I kinda juggle between Domino’s and PJ’s from time to time. There are some really good local pizza places around me though so I’m usually going for the hole in the wall joints instead.

  13. Zach says:

    Of the big three, I’ve never really enjoyed Pizza Hut. From an early age, their pizza always upset my stomach. Most people around here don’t like Domino’s, but there’s a pretty decent one set up a few blocks from my place. They have nice carry-out specials, too, so I’ll usually go there when I’m lazy to cook. Papa John’s is alright, too, but tends to be more expensive. Domino’s has the price and convenience going for me.

  14. Raiders757 says:

    I agree with the point Adam is making. This is a huge move, but it’s much needed. Domino’s has been a terrible pizza chain for over a decade running. This can’t be the first time it’s changed. It was much better in the 80’s and even during the days of “Avoid the Noid”. I’m more of a mom & pops and make it at home type of guy, but pizza is one of those things where even the bad isn’t but so bad. domino’s, as of late, has gotten “That Bad”.

    There’s a review of the new pizza over at Slice. To put those worried about “sweeter & bolder” at ease, the reviewer pointed out that combination of the herbs and such, balance each other out rather well.

  15. ChrisSh says:

    Of the big three, in my opinion, Papa Johns wins by a mile. I haven’t had the new Domino’s, but even if it’s up to the level of Papa Johns it doesn’t have the garlic sauce and pepper as a tiebreaker. 🙂

  16. Jillian says:

    Sounds really good in theory, although I never had a problem with Domino’s in the first place. Maybe the crust isn’t the best but I don’t get why so many people complain about them.

  17. This is something Domino’s has needed to do for decades!

  18. drpep says:

    No Papa Johns near me. Have no idea if the local Dominos is in business or closed once again. Can’t afford Pizza Hut. Local pizza joint wins.
    If I ‘d had to place a big three at the top it would be Pizza Hut because I’ve never had Papa Johns and it’s been years since I’ve had Dominos and when I did I would have placed after the Hut.

  19. Tony Jaguar says:

    Think “New” Coke, vs “Classic” Coke.

  20. Justin says:

    No, Tony, no.

  21. Francois says:

    I called around and found a Domino’s with the “new recipe” and ordered two pizzas. The changes are pretty subtle. I didn’t really notice an increase in “sweetness” in the sauce from memory of the old stuff, but there were more spices added to it, I believe. But the crust is definitely better. Slightly garlicky. Domino’s used to have some of the worst crust for the big chains.

    Not exactly something I’d buy again, unless there’s a good sale going on, though. But if you want to try it, you probably should. It’s edible, slight improvement, etc.. Sort of comparable to a fast food place using non-wilted lettuce and a fresher bun for your burger.

  22. Kyle says:

    Does anyone know if this new recipe will apply to their other crust styles like deep dish?

  23. Greg B. says:

    I don’t think I am going to like this at all. But I will give it a try to at least have an honest opinion. If I don’t like it than Papa John’s will be my new “chain” pizza place

  24. f*ck salads. I wanna get this sh*t.

  25. Rizzo says:

    They should put their new “Garlic Sauce” on the side in cups to dip kind of like Papa Johns. I went and picked up tonight for the $5.99 special, and saw the guy making mine. The Garlic Sauce looked like came out of a big plastic bottle. So why not get some small 1oz plastic containers or ramekins, and put one or two in each box?? Hmmm…

  26. Joe Newms says:

    I ordered a large pepperoni from Dominos a couple weeks ago without realizing that they updated their indegridients.

    I personally thought that the new crust was terrible. The garlic in the crust was overpowering and left my apartment smelling of it for the next 4 days.

    I did not like the crust one bit and it will keep me from ordering Dominos again.

  27. Bunny says:

    I’m still traumatized from that disturbing Dominos employee video. I wont be eating there anytime soon.

  28. ibeworkin says:

    I actually work at Dominos, and as far as i can tell, we’re using the same old crust, we just put a garlic and butter-flavored-sauce on at the end. its very similar to the seasoning we use on breadsticks. the thin and deep dish crusts remain the same… the cheese is a little bit thicker on the pizza since its shredded. The sauce is quite a bit different though. we started using it before the press release about the new pizzas, and i could tell the difference right away, just from the smell alone.
    If you were to ask, most places would probably let you skip the garlicy stuff on the crust if you want, but it’s worth a try, in my opinion!

    p.s.— most dominos employees don’t hate our customers enough to do vile things like spit in pizza. in general, we like to give our customers the best of what we’ve got, and do right by them!

  29. terrence says:

    So as of january 1st I got a taste of this “new recipe” yes quotations…. toppings of the two pizzas included ham and pineapple, the second a pepperoni and sausage! my findings absolutly nothing other than the crust which sadly tasted the same as the bread sticks, the sauce and the cheese was not at all noticable with change. im glad i didnt pay for it!!! at least when i go to chucky cheese i can get entertainment with my tastless pizza! : )

  30. Coolbreeze says:

    Just tried it last night and with all the hype we were anticipating something really awesome…..NOPE! They still can’t get it right. Very disappointing….too sweet and quite frankly….bland. Definitely not the pizza they’ve been pushing. WE WON’T GET IT AGAIN that’s for sure!

  31. Kyle Webs says:

    I know a lot of people don’t like it and disagree but I think it’s better. I like it. I would go with something else if I had people coming over, since, obviously, they don’t like it.

    And on the whole video thing, they apologized for it rather than ignoring it and pretending like it didn’t happen, and it was done by a person. Guess what?! People can work anywhere! Guess who’s working at Pizza Hut or Papa Johns, dumb kids are. Guess who’s working in the factory all your other food comes from. People are. They can do the same things too.

  32. Dr Blackmann says:

    The new pizza was not what I expected at all! I ordered white pizza and it tasted very funny to me! It was very greasy and the sauce tasted way too sweet! I won’t be ordering again, sorry.

  33. Chharith says:

    It is a new pizza, but you can still order the old recipe if that is what you like. Dominos is not saying that the old recipe sucked, they are just adding more to the selection of what you can have. I personally made a switch from Papa Johns to Dominos because of the new sauce. I tried it with Grilled Chicken.. Its pure amazing.

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