Food News: Dairy Queen Miracle Treat Day

Thursday, August 13th is Miracle Treat Day at Dairy Queen.   On this day, proceeds from blizzard sales will go toward a children’s hospital in your area. I know you have been looking for an excuse to try the new Thin Mint Blizzard.   So get out and kill two birds with one stone, get yourself a tasty treat and donate to a great cause.  DQ has raised $77 million for children in the last 15 years.

$1 or more per blizzard treat sold at participating Dairy Queen locations on Miracle Treat Day, August 13, 2009 will benefit your local Children’s Miracle Network hospital.


2 comments on “Food News: Dairy Queen Miracle Treat Day

  1. That’s cool. I love when they do promotions like this. Honestly, I wish I had the size of a company like them….I would do it ALL the time. Think if McDs or TB or KFC did things like this more often. Good job DQ, you rightfully deserve your status as the best dessert in all the land:

  2. SkippyMom says:

    sigh…I miss DQ so much! We went everyday while at the beach this summer and we used to live by one here in VA, but now we don’t, otherwise I would happily buy blizzards for the whole family. Great promotion – completely agree with you Bear.

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