Food News: Create Dunkins Next Donut Contest

It’s time to make the donut!

Is there a hole in your life … a hole that only a donut could fill?  Well, Dunkin’ Donuts has launched a contest.  The chain is urging customers to create the “next donut” and a lucky winner will get the chance to have his/her creation produced as a limited-edition pastry.  

Homer and Donut

What’s better than that?  The winner also receives $12,000.  Twelve finalists receive $1,200 and a years worth of free donuts.  To enter you can visit the Dunkin’ Donuts fun online donut designer.  It lets you choose everything from the shape of your donut to fillings to toppings.  (I made the French cruller topped with strawberry icing and white sprinkles shown above.  Mmmm sprinkles)

(Thanks Cari for the info)

5 comments on “Food News: Create Dunkins Next Donut Contest

  1. You know…..I saw this but there were just TOO many choices so I gave up. I couldn’t decide. It was like going to Voodoo and only ordering one doughnut….it can’t be done.

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