Food News: Cold Stone Creamery Offering Fudge Brownie Batter Ice Cream

Cold Stone Creamery is known for some super-rich ice cream treats.  New to the list is for the chocolate lovers out there.  It’s Fudge Brownie Batter and it’s here for a limited time.  Fudge Brownie Batter will be available until December 29th.

Fudge Brownie Batter Ice Cream

11 comments on “Food News: Cold Stone Creamery Offering Fudge Brownie Batter Ice Cream

  1. SkippyMom says:

    I find the thought of cookie dough and brownie batter ice creams repulsive – ick – BUT my kids love the stuff! and in a chocolate cup? al the better, eh?

  2. Mmmm…yum!!!! What you eat will come out looking the same!

  3. Adam Bomb says:

    Fudge brownie batter sounds a little too rich for me. I love their cake batter ice cream though. Coldstone is a “once every couple of months” kind of place for me. It’s just too fatty, lol.

  4. Colin says:

    I had their Jell-O Chocolate Pudding ice cream recently. Talk about super rich stuff…Yeesh.

  5. Robert says:

    Come on GG, weak daily posting. I am disappointed with you.

  6. Ryan says:

    @ Robert … Agreed. I’m disappointed too. I just moved and have been without Internet access up until yesterday. I’m going to grind this weekend. Stay tuned.

  7. Robert says:

    …..but Ryan, you know your site rocks. Hope your move went well.

  8. Raiders757 says:

    I love Cold Stone Creamery, and this sounds awesome! OF course I know if I go there for one of these, I’ll still end up getting what I always get. A pint of chocolate ice cream with peanut butter, chocolate brownies, and chocolate fudge with a few waffle bowls. I have a severe addiction to that combination and one little cone or bowl just won’t do. What I like, is that if they make more than will fit in the container, they’ll just give the rest to you in a smaller one.

  9. wibia says:

    My wife called this place “Stone Cold Creamery” the other day. I would probably go there is it was called “Stone Cold.” Brownie batter…. no thanks!

  10. Adam Bomb says:

    LOL@wibia. “What I’m gonna do, is I’m gonna crack open a cold one…”


    “then I’m gonna eat this pint of brownie batter ice cream…”


    “and then I’ll open up a can of whoop-ass on that whiny little ice cream clerk, and that’s the bottom line!”

  11. Employee says:

    I work at Cold Stone, and while this is fairly good, it also has the consistency of whipped poop. Beware.

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