Food News: Chick-fil-A Tax Day Relief Special

Pick up some Chick-fil-A today and hang on to your receipt.  The “Tax Relief Day Special” lets you return before April 30 to receive the same meal free.  Participating locations only so I hope the one by me has this deal.

Chick-n-Mini Box

2 comments on “Food News: Chick-fil-A Tax Day Relief Special

  1. I heard about this deal too. Too bad there is no store near me.

  2. Disappointed in Southern Maryland says:

    I went to the Chick-Fil-A in the St. Charles Towne Centre on April 15th to take advantage of the Tax Day Relief Special. They stamped my receipt so I could return for my free meal before April 30th. Today, April 22nd, I went back to the same Chick-Fil-A and they said I had to come back “ON APRIL 30TH, NOT BEFORE.” That’s not what was advertised! Now watch I’ll go back ON April 30th like they said and they will probably say “you had to come back “BEFORE APRIL 30TH”!

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