Food News: Checkers New Prime Rib Burger

In what seems like an obvious answer to the new Roastburgers from Arby’s, now we get the Prime Rib Burger from Checker’s.  The Prime Rib Burger is “authentic, tender prime rib sliced right off the roast” placed on top of a burger patty.  All that meat is dressed with grilled onions, swiss cheese and peppercorn mayonnaise and placed on toasted sourdough bread.


It seems as though Arby’s  is trying to redefine the burger.  Checkers is now taking that a step further by adding of all things, meat to a burger.  To me meat on top of more meat sounds like overkill.  Bacon is acceptable but prime rib?  However, grilled onions and swiss cheese is a welcome addition to any burger.  I have the feeling that people will either love or hate this sandwich.  Let us know which category you fall in.

7 comments on “Food News: Checkers New Prime Rib Burger

  1. You say:
    “In what seems like an obvious answer to the new Roastburgers from Arby’s, now we get the Prime Rib Burger from Checker’s.”

    I always wonder about that…it seems similar items come out around the same time or similar movies, etc. How much planning and product development goes into these? It would seem to get everything right (tasting, packaging, marketing,m etc.) would take a least a year. How then would one come out right after the other?

    Is it coincidence? Is there espionage? I don’t think it’s merely an answer to Arby’s. When did they release the Roastburgers officially?

  2. rob says:

    I haven’t even eaten it yet and I already love it … I wonder if I could get them to add some bacon to it.

  3. Evan says:

    We’ve had the Prime Rib Burger at Rally’s in Indiana for at least 3 months it seems.

  4. Evan is right. We have the Prime Rib Burger at Rally’s for at least a few weeks. We also had a Philly CheeseSteak Burger at Hardees as a promo for a while.

    Meat as a topping is old news here in Indiana! I might have to give this one a try.

  5. Jared says:

    I just ate two of them and they were awesome. Best taste out of a burger in a long time. Good job, Checkers.

  6. jared from subway says:

    I have had the prime rib burger and the cheesesteak burger. Both times very stoned. meat is the best topping

  7. Lars says:

    I saw the prime rib burger advertisement outside my local Checkers this afternoon and have been thinking about all day. Just went by the drive through and grabbed one came home and took a bong hit and enjoyed. Surprisingly it is a great burger perfect mix of burger steak cheese sauce and onions.

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