Food News: Boston Market Crispy Country Chicken Commercial + Coupon

Boston Market has recently expanded it’s menu with Crispy Country Chicken items.  Actually it was back in February but I’m just now starting to see TV spots for it.  

The Crispy Country Chicken meal is a breaded and baked chicken breast topped with gravy and served with cornbread and a choice of two sides for $7.29.  The Crispy Country Chicken sandwich comes with a creamy Dijon spread, lettuce and tomatoes on whole-grain bread or a white baguette and is $6.49.  This new Crispy Country Chicken can also be added to a Caesar or chopped salad.  

Crispy Country Chicken Sandwich from Boston Market

Crispy Country Chicken in a sandwich

While the self-proclaimed “chicken experts” at Boston Market are primarily known as a rotisserie chicken place, I’m liking this expansion into new territory.  

Here’s a coupon if you’re interested

Buy One, Get One

Buy One, Get One

3 comments on “Food News: Boston Market Crispy Country Chicken Commercial + Coupon

  1. Not sure if I’m a a fan of Boston Market. When they first started getting big nationwide and they sprouted up in my neighborhood I enjoyed them….but now I think they’ve become something I don’t care for much…..a company that pretends to be healthy when it’s not. I guess if you look at them just as “home cookin'” then they’re pretty good especially as fast food is concerned but when people think they’re healthier than other options (when they aren’t necessarily….like Jamba Juice ehhhhhh, don’t get me started) that’s when it starts to get me.

  2. Raiders757 says:

    Sorry Boston Market, I live near a Chick-Fil-A.

  3. Adam says:

    Frankly I never understood the attraction of this place. I just remember when the one in EC burned down…

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