Food News: Arby’s Wednesday FREEbies-Free Roastburger on July 22nd

If you haven’t had the chance, today, July 22,  would be a good day to try one of the  New Roastburgers from Arby’s for FREE.  All that you need to do is visit a participating Arby’s, purchase a drink and choose your Roastburger.  You might even want to give the newest roastburger a try- the BBQ Bacon Cheddar Roastburger .

BBQ Bacon Cheddar Roastburger

9 comments on “Food News: Arby’s Wednesday FREEbies-Free Roastburger on July 22nd

  1. Gosh darnit to heck…..I need to go get me one of these. They look so good.

  2. Thank you do much! I told hubby and now he can get a good lunch today! 😀

  3. ChrisSh says:

    Damn, had I of known about this, I wouldn’t have gotten McDonalds for breakfast. There is no way my body can handle two fast food meals in the same day (especially when the breakfast was 950 calories!!)

  4. @ChrisSH – Haha, you too? I can’t find it in me to get fast food twice in a day. I think there are people that eat every meal at a fast food place. What’s you get at the MackDonald’s?

  5. ChrisSh says:

    @Bear – Yeah, one of my buddies was telling me the other day that during a two day span, he ate 5 out of his 6 meals at a fast food place. I honestly am not sure I could do that even if you were paying me.

    And I had to get my old favorite, the steak, egg, and cheese bagel. Combo of course, so include hash brown and OJ. I think it’s probably their most unhealthy breakfast offering, but man, I love them.

  6. HaloEleven says:

    This whole Wednesday Freebies promotion seems a little YMMV. I can’t find any official information about it on Arby’s website – only what I read on GrubGrade.

    So, this afternoon I went to my local Arby’s and asked the cashier if they participate in the Wednesday Freebies promotion, and he look at me as if I’d just asked him for a bag of weed! He whispered under his breath, so as not to tip of the full-price-paying suckers (diners), “I have been informed that we do participate in that promotion”. Great! I’ll take a BBQ Cheddar Roastburger for free! Oh, you guys are giving away the less superior Beef N’ Cheddar instead? Gosh, I guess since I can’t provide any printed proof of “official” information, I’ll have to take your word for it.

    Oh well. Fortunately they were running a BBQ Cheddar Roastbuger Combo for $5 promotion so I grabbed that instead of the B N’ C.

  7. RTT says:

    So I’m walking along on my usual afternoon job-searching walk when I see an Arby’s. First thought that came to mind was Hustler magazine but then I remembered that they had the wednesday deal things going on, and I had heard of it on here and other sites.

    I walk in, skipping along at the thought of reasonably priced fast food and when I get the counter, I’m all like “sa da tay my damey, how is it hanging in the neighborhood, are you doing the free roethlisberger with a purchase of a drink?”

    The lady is all like “no, we’re not participating in that promotion but we have a 5$ combo that comes with a fry and a drink. Its very good, its the burger done better.”

    At that point, I had lost my will to carry on and bought the thing.

    Bad mistake, that shit was like Oscar Mayer’s Memorial Day BBQ shit, it wasn’t good at all.

    And that is why I am now considering my heterosexuality, because of that sandwich.

  8. ChrisSh says:

    Well, I decided to just skip lunch and try for the always dangerous two fast food meals in one day feat.

    I got the Bacon Cheddar Roastburger and wow, I am not impressed. It may have been the most bland fast food sandwich I have ever had. I could taste hints of roast beef, tomato, onion, and bacon (couldn’t really taste any cheese at all), but there was no flavor explosion from them all being mixed together. It tasted… lifeless. I don’t know, I’m not sure I’m even describing it well, but it’s not something I will get again.

    P.S. I know my tasters are working too, because the steak bagel this morning tasted amazing as usual.

    P.P.S. Don’t let me ever eat out twice in one day ever again. I just feel… gross.

  9. Michael says:

    Bacon and Cheddar Roastburger here in Dearborn at 730pm..No line..Love the Ice tea…..Burger??? Not going over well. Would not buy again….Love a good deal and I am a fan of Arby’s…..I have to tell you if I could predict the future, this will not be on the menu in 2010.

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