Food News: A Second Colonel? The Search For the Ultimate KGC Fan Begins…

Do you want to be the next Colonel???

images1To celebrate its grilled menu, KFC is teaming up with MySpace to search for the Ultimate KGC Fan and possible new brand icon.  Just submit a video showing the world why you are the ultimate KGC fan now through July 7, at .  Does anyone care about MySpace anymore?  GrubGrade has a MySpace for some reason.  Seems like Facebook and Twitter are the main players these days.

Entrants will have a chance to win KGC for life-valued at more that $13,000, awarded in the form of KFC gift checks as well as the chance to represent KFC as the next American icon.

“America will have the final vote on the brands new KGC ambassador.”  On July 25th, three finalists will be revealed.  Voting will begin on August 1st where fans can watch the final three videos and cast their vote.

KGC - Kentucky Grilled Chicken from KFC

MySpace users can view all of the submitted videos at

3 comments on “Food News: A Second Colonel? The Search For the Ultimate KGC Fan Begins…

  1. Justin says:

    When are they going to give this up? No one cares. Even worse, the pieces you get from KFC are so small, it’s disgusting.

  2. $13,000 is a lives worth of fried/grilled chicken? They must not know my appetite….I thought that was the yearly allowance.

    Seriously?!? What’s up with the MySpacing….I might’ve considered entering this had it been Twitter or Facebook but I’m not going to set up a MySpace just to submit a video. Get with it KFC. I think I’d make a pretty good Colonel….I’m just as amicable and I’m running my own place like him. I don’t have the cheeks, belly, beard, white hair, glasses or suit but not counting those….. 😛

  3. 100% agree with Justin. Yesterdays news. Also, this is total BS, KGC takes my Oprah coupon back and now they are giving $13k of chicken away for making a video? I wouldn’t trust these people!

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