Food News: $10 Pizza at Pizza Hut

Let the Pizza Wars begin!  Domino’s has a new taste. Pizza Hut has a new deal.  $10 for any size, any toppings pizza. Any of the signature pizzas like “Meat Lovers”…any crust from Thin to Pan…you name it.  Available for a limited time and no coupon is needed.  (Stuffed Crust is an extra $1.00.)

$10 Pizza at Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut $10

11 comments on “Food News: $10 Pizza at Pizza Hut

  1. John says:

    Stuffed crust being $1 extra is weak.

  2. Adam Bomb says:

    This deal has been going on in my area for a little while now. It’s supposed to last until the end of the year.

  3. Bryan says:

    No extra charge for stuffed crust when I ordered online yesterday

  4. Yum Yucky says:

    I love to spectate the wars. But I still choose Domino’s.

  5. Justin says:

    Haha, my Pizza Hut was slammed tonight when I called in for it! Serves them right for years of terrible “non-coupons.”

  6. Dahnkey says:

    Weak ass promotion… in my neck of the woods, there are a ton of restrictions, all fine print on the posters or in the coupon inserts: no double toppings; extra cheese is a buck extra; and worst of all, limit 3 toppings or your choice of “Lover’s” Pizza. WTH? Just call it a 3 topping large for $10…

  7. Brett says:

    Pizza Hut must be the only fast food that’s cheaper in Australia than in the USA. We can get any pizza for $7.95 and that’s only recently gone up by a dollar from $6.95 in recent times!

  8. Mikey F Baby says:

    My experience (Ohio) with this deal was not good. When ordering online, even if you select a large it aims only to confuse you at checkout. It sayes large in one spot and medium in another. Of course a medium is what was delivered to us. We chose 2 toppings but the cheese and toppings covered maybe 75% of the dough. Just a sad looking pizza. No reason to skimp so drastically, considering it’s not a great deal to begin with.

  9. Jacob says:

    This promo is sooo misleading it says any crust but it’s a dollar extra for stuffed crust??? But to get extra cheese you have to order the cheese lovers pizza and add the toppings from there

  10. Tyler says:

    Pizza Hut is now charging you for extra cheese- even on pizza deals like this with “unlimited” toppings. The rationale? “Extra Cheese is not a topping.” This is apparently their new corporate strategy. So when I used this deal to get a large pan pizza with extra cheese (and ONLY that) I was charged a dollar extra for the extra cheese. Buh?? Alright, I’ll just find a local pizzeria that’s a bit less stupid about this.

  11. jake says:

    if cheese is not a topping, what is it?

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