Einstein Brothers Updates Nutrition for Latest Menu Items

It’s been a busy spring for Einstein Brothers Bagels. Not only did the popular quick-service breakfast and lunch chain release three varieties of “bagel-poppers” (reviewed right hyah by yours truly) but they also launched a brand spanking new “healthy” lunch menu featuring such options as the Mediterranean Turkey Sandwich and Grilled Chicken Salad.


And if that was not enough, Einstein Bros/Noah Bagels also recently revealed several more new menu items, including a French Toast Bagel, Cinnamon Chip Muffin, and Peanut Butter Power Cookie.  Unfortunately for consumers, these latest items and their nutrition numbers were nowhere to be found on the company’s website.  In response to this oversight, I recently emailed an Einstein spokeswomen, who kindly passed along the latest figures to me.  As expected, the Bagel Poppers turned out to be of moderate caloric value (ranging from 350 calories and 1g of fat for the Blueberry flavor to 400 calories and 9g of fat for the Cinnamon Sugar variety) but all came out high in sugar, with the “Sweet Cream Cheese” flavor clocking in at 30 grams.  The newest bagel offered by the chain, The French Toast bagel, comes in at a respectable 300 calories and six grams of fat, which isn’t bad when compared to Panera’s 350 calories French Toast bagel (by comparison, Einstein’s has 6g of fat and 9g of sugar, while Panera’s has 5g of fat and 15g sugar.)

As expected, the worst offender from a healthy eating standpoint on Einstein’s latest menu is the Cinnamon chip muffin, which at 470 calories packs 24g of fat (4.5g saturated) and 43g of sugar.

To view a complete list of the nutrition numbers from Einstein’s newest menu items, click here.

3 comments on “Einstein Brothers Updates Nutrition for Latest Menu Items

  1. The newest items sound amazing! Pictures?

  2. Adam says:

    Sorry Bear, but nope. I may go check out this French Toast bagel this weekend though. We shall see.

  3. Beebe4 says:

    That link to the google doc didn’t work for me, I would love to see it if you could email it to me.

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