Are You Ready For National FoodBeast Day?

National FoodBeast Day is coming May 6th.  

2 comments on “Are You Ready For National FoodBeast Day?

  1. So……what exactly is “FoodBeast Day”?

  2. RossS says:

    Quoted from the Foodbeast Website:
    When we first came up for the idea of National FoodBeast Day, May 6th, it was an idea to create a widespread holiday that simply celebrated the awesome facets of food. Whether it be saying “screw you!” to your diet, going out to that place you love, donating to a charity so hungry people worldwide can eat, and just gathering around good food with good people. From today, until May 6th, we will be releasing a video a day as another outlet to help spread the word about this upcoming holiday! With the help of FoodBeasts everywhere, this First National FoodBeast Day can become a permanent fixture in the years to come. Eat on!

    In my opinion, this gets a “whatever” ranking…
    Foodbeast? uh yeah, ok. I’d rather be Grubby 🙂

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