The Teriyaki Burrito from California Tortilla and Free Pop Tart Day

Ever get a craving for Mexican food and Chinese food at the same time?  I guess you could say I faced that dilemma today and decided to hit up California Tortilla for a limited time menu item that looked pretty interesting; The Teriyaki Burrito.  California Tortilla offers up a nice mix of specialty burritos that have impressed me in the past.  Some of their specialties include the Crunchy BBQ Ranch Burrito, the Thai Chicken Burrito and the Caribbean Jerk Burrito.  


The Teriyaki Burrito goes like this:

It’s the Teriyaki Burrito, filled with grilled, marinated chicken; savory teriyaki sauce; grilled pineapple salsa; Mexican rice; crunchy noodles; scallions; and lettuce. Also available in a bowl. Get it while it lasts because it’s only here for a limited time.

Quite an odd experience to have a Chinexican or Mexinese or whatever…burrito.  All I can say is the burrito was decent but I could do without the scallions.  What’s the strangest combination that you’ve had?  Oh, I almost forgot to mention…comes with a fortune cookie.  See my fortune below.

If a Chinese food wrapped burrito wasn’t weird enough, Cali Tortilla was also handing out free Pop Tarts.  Apparently it’s National Pop Tart Day or something.  One lucky customer from each California Tortilla restaurant will find a “Golden Ticket”,  ala Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, which will entitle them to free burritos for a year.  Interesting promo, but sadly I was not a winner.


11 comments on “The Teriyaki Burrito from California Tortilla and Free Pop Tart Day

  1. Wahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!! Free burritos for a year, that’s epic!

  2. Marianne says:

    Don’t look at the nutrition stats on your Cali Burrito … or next thing you know, you’re ditching cheese, sour cream, the tortilla and the taste … LOL!

    • Ryan says:

      @ Marianne … Cali Tortilla actually has some pretty good healthier burritos… Like the Havana Chicken Burrito …. plus the option to get a smaller version of the regular sized burritos. That being said, the Teriyaki Burrito clocks in at 824 calories and 25 grams of fat.

  3. Brad says:

    Free pop tart day is my favorite day

  4. Justin says:

    Poptarts, Burritos, Chinese food… sounds like someone turned the munchies into a business.

  5. Justin says:

    I see they buy their tables from the same company that makes Tropical Smoothies!

  6. Free Poptarts that could result in a lifetime supply of free burritos? Awesome.

    And yes, I know he said a year’s worth. But think about it, if you are downing these babies every day for a year, you’re not looking at more than twelve months before your heart finally explodes.

  7. I like the thought of burrito-izing another cuisine so this might be pretty good. Re: Free burritos, IndianapolisEater from our site won a years supply of beer form Coors for winning a Beer Belly Competition. Their interpretation of a year’s supply was a case a month. Bogus.

  8. It intrigues me to see fast food places that blatantly purport to serve some variety of ethnic food, but have scant credibility. This “California” outfit is a classic example. A little research on the internet shows that this Rockville, Maryland, outfit has outlets in that state and a few neighboring states. Their corporate officers do not include any Spanish or Asian surname people. As such, I would be highly surprised if anything they served would pass muster as authentically Mexican or Asian cuisine. I lived in New Mexico, California and Texas for over 30 years and have never had any food outside of the West or Southwest that was even close to “Mexican”. Much of this purportedly Mexican food was not very good and none of it was great. The sad part of my findings is that people in the Midwest, South and East Coast don’t get to enjoy one of the truly great cuisines of the world. Mexican food (and even more so the distinctively-not-Mexican authentic fare of my native New Mexico) can be so good that it makes you cry, and not just from the burning of the salsa picante. Before you decide that you “don’t like Mexican food”, you really have to eat some of the real stuff, prepared by Mexicans or people of Mexican descent, in an establishment owned by someone of the same ethnicity. Really. It does make a difference. Here in the West, there are locally-owned restaurants and even some regional chains that fit that profile, like Roberto’s in San Diego and LA, or El Reconsito here in Washington. Fast food from places like that is generally more authentic, and better, than sit-down, Mexican restaurants on the East Coast owned by, for instance, Greeks or Italians and staffed by people of various ethnicities who can’t cook Mexican food to save their souls. I don’t know if California Tortilla is any good or not because they don’t have any outlets in Washington. If you try it, and find it good or bad, don’t ascribe your opinion to having any bearing on Californian, Asian or Mexican food. It ain’t the real thing. How do I know that without eating it? In their photos of the food, I didn’t see one corn tortilla. That’s a dead giveaway, you know. ¡Hasta la vista, mis amigos!

  9. Bear Silber says:

    @Disgruntled Curmudgeon – Sounds like you certainly know your Mexican food…I think I’d listen to you. I don’t care for places that pretend to be something they really aren’t.

    “…fare of my native New Mexico) can be so good that it makes you cry, and not just from the burning of the salsa picante.” – Hilarious 😛

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