First Impressions: The Raspberry Truffle Blizzard from Dairy Queen

I love the rasberry and chocolate combination so I couldn’t resist trying Dairy Queen’s Blizzard of the Month for May,  The Raspberry Truffle Blizzard.  I was a little disappointed when I pulled up to the drive-thru and it wasn’t listed on the menu.  Not to worry though, I asked if they had it and they asked what size I wanted.

0101I was actually surprised with this blizzard.  As you can see from the pic above, it was overflowing with ice cream.  The blizzard is made with vanilla ice cream, raspberry topping  and chocolate truffles.  You may like this blizzard even if you are not a big fan of raspberry.  It didn’t have a strong raspberry flavor and the  specs of raspberries in the ice cream were so small you hardly knew they were there.  There were just enough chocolate truffles in it where you got a few in every bite.  The blizzard was not overly rich as was Aprils Blizzard of the Month, “The Midnight Truffle Blizzard”.   At first I thought that maybe it could use a little more raspberry flavoring, but overall it was a great combination.   For some reason, this blizzard was a bit more “melty” than what I’m used to with DQ’s blizzards.  Overall though, it’s all about taste and my experience was a perfect mixture of chocolate and raspberry.


Very "melty"

The price is $3.29 for a small, $3.49 for a medium and $3.99 for a large.

Nutrition info pending

5 comments on “First Impressions: The Raspberry Truffle Blizzard from Dairy Queen

  1. Evan says:

    That’s all good and well, but where is my damn Orange Creamsicle Blizzard? Can I send them suggestions?

  2. Dizzzznag! Sounds good….but will never try it myself. I’m not a huge fan of desserts in my fruits…they’re good enough alone.

  3. Elexis says:

    Note…it’s not ice cream, it’s soft serve…

  4. Allison says:

    It’s “specks” of raspberry, not “specs.” “Spec” is either short for “spectacles,” or it refers to writing “on spec,” that kind of thing.

  5. carol says:

    OMG Allison, get over it.

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