First Impressions: Berry-Pom Twilight Smoothie from Orange Julius

As we previously posted, participating Orange Julius locations were giving away a Free 20 oz. Light Smoothie today with a coupon.  The choices were between one of the three Light Smoothies:  Strawberry Delight-strawberries, bananas and tropical fruit juice;  Tropical Sunlight-mangos, pineapples and tropical fruit juice; Berry-Pom Twilight-rasberries, blackberries and pomegrante juice blend.  “All three smoothies are blended creamy smooth with ice, non-fat milk, and sweetened with Splenda Brand Sweetner.”  I decided to give the Berry-Pom Twilight a try…

Orange Julius

First of all, I’m fairly new to smoothies.  I have only been drinking them for maybe the past year and a half.  When I got this smoothie, I was impressed.  20 oz is a pretty good size.  I watched as my smoothie was blended.  Scoops of real fruit, Splenda, fruit juices, milk and ice.  Then onto the blender it went.

Orange Julius Smoothie

I’m sure we have all had sweet-tarts at some point.  Well, when I first tasted this smoothie, it was like drinking a sweet-tart.  It was thick and rich, and I was hit with a very sweet berry flavor, but as the taste settled on my tastebuds, the tartness set in.  Definitely a mouth watering experience.   I wouldn’t mind trying the other two Light Smoothies.  It was refreshing but I’m not sure I would make a trip to the mall just to get one.

One of our GrubGrade readers also had this smoothie.  Here are his thoughts:

ChrisSh says:

Okay, I picked one up awhile ago. Like I said, I went with the Berry-Pom Twilight. Here’s my mini-review:

Taste/Quality: Pretty good. There was definitely good berry flavor there, but it seemed to be almost watered down. There just wasn’t that rich mouthfeel that I expect from a good smoothie. But, like I said, there was a good flavor. For a light smoothie, about what I would expect.

Filling?: Absolutely! I didn’t eat breakfast (as usual) and decided I would be bold and just have this for lunch. Which is pretty bold, because 250 calories is not a big lunch. Well, about twenty minutes into the thing, I started getting full and figured I had less than 1/4 left. Wrong. I still had over half of the thing to go! I finished it, and I must say, I’m still full. I think it’s going to last until dinner time too. Pretty impressive.

Cost: It would have been something like $4.70 I think without the free coupon. Realistically, I’m probably never going to get one of these again. $5 for a smoothie (especially one with such a small amount of energy in it) doesn’t seem like a good deal to me. However, it did fill me up, and $5 isn’t a lot for a lunch out… so I suppose if I was out and wanted a low-calorie, filling lunch, I would consider one of these, despite the price tag.

7 comments on “First Impressions: Berry-Pom Twilight Smoothie from Orange Julius

  1. Ryan says:

    Thanks for your impressions ChrisSh. Great feedback!

  2. Bear Silber says:

    I really got to try one of these….only thing is I loathe malls…..fighting past all the screaming kids, emo & goth teens, and hobbling larger-than-life Cinnabon patrons.

    The thing I normally find I don’t like in smoothies is their tartness, sad to hear that these are such smoothies.

  3. Adam says:

    Looks good. I’ll have to try it out but yea, it looks expensive to have on a regular basis.

  4. ChrisSh says:

    No problem Ryan, and thanks for putting me in the entry Heather.

    I thought it was funny that Heather used the word “rich” to describe the smoothie while I specifically said it was not “rich.” Just goes to show you how much individual tastes can vary!

    And Bear, you know, I didn’t really find this to be that tart. I got a strong berry flavor, but not the lip-puckering feeling of a tart drink. Again, with individual tastes, who knows?

  5. Patrick says:

    I tried the Strawberry Delight today with the coupon, and it was really good! Thanks for the Berry Pom impression! Now, onto the Tropical, though, it’s so expensive!

  6. Heather says:

    @ChrishSh-No problem 🙂 . It’s nice to have another perspective, especially since apparently our taste buds are different.

  7. Jarred says:

    I took my mother out for lunch today and we both decided to try the new berry pom (which apparently was the only flavor offered at this location). I handed the clerk a $20 and was shocked to only receive around $8 back. These drinks imo are very expensive. Others have already commented on tje size, so i’ll go ahead amd leave that one be. The drink was very filling. Thick, creamy and rich. I was surprised by how strong the taste of bananas was, and aside from a light after taste of berries, you honestly wouldnt know it was a berry drink. I would recommend the drink to anyone who needs a healthy snack while out shppping but the $5 price tag seemed a bit steep to me.

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