Featured Restaurant: Caballo Viejo Latin American Grill

Caballo Viejo in Spanish translates to “old horse”.  What does that have to with food?  Nothing exactly- This latin american fast-casual restaurant was named for the Venezuelan song “Caballo Viejo” by Simón Díaz.  The original location of Caballo Viejo: Latin American Grill was in the Antietam Village Shopping Center on Opposumtown Pike, but a fire in February of 2007 caused a change of plans.  It is now located in the 7th Street Shopping Center in Frederick, Maryland.   Caballo Viejo was founded in 2007 by Angel Rojas of Venezuela along with his mother-in-law, Rosa Sarmiento of Colombia.  

Caballo Viejo Latin Grill

Latin fusion is the best description of the food served here.  What makes this restaurant unique is the variety of menu items.  Some of the offerings include rotisserie chicken, big burritos, salads or arepas (with filling of your choice…chicken, steak, beef, chorizo and more)  The big burritos are similar to what you’d find at Chipotle, but there are specialty options such as a burrito with spicy chorizo sausage.  A few other menu items that you may not see everyday are tajadas, fried yuca or their nice selection of imported natural juice drinks. You may choose to eat inside in one of their 24 available seats or in one of the 16 outside seats during warm weather.  Watch Latin music videos or listen to Latin music as you dine in the bright, cheerful atmosphere.  

  • Recommendations:  Arepa with chorizo sausage, Burrito with Shredded Beef or Marinated Grilled Chicken, Rotiserrie Chicken
Arepa with Chorizo Sausage

Arepa with Chorizo - $5.85

Shredded Beef Burrito

Shredded Beef Burrito - $6.05

Rotisserie Chicken Half

Rotisserie Chicken Half - $5.75

  • Food: 9.00/10
  • Menu Variety: 8.25/10
  • Atmosphere: Fast Casual/Take-out
  • Price: $-Inexpensive-$7 or less
  • GrubGrade: 9.00/10 (Exceptional)

Check them out:


1305 West 7th Street, Suite  #35

Frederick, MD  21702


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3 comments on “Featured Restaurant: Caballo Viejo Latin American Grill

  1. That arepa looks awesome! Did you try just a plain soft taco….that’s my gauge of a Mexican place. I love the small corn tortilla with some steak or chicken with a little cilantro….mmmmmmmm.

  2. heather says:

    Hi Bear,

    No, I didn’t try the taco’s. I usually don’t get taco’s when I eat out. I like to try things I don’t make at home. I’ll make sure to try one the next time I make it over there and let you know how it is. As for cilantro, sorry, but I’m not very fond of it, so there won’t be much on mine.

  3. Juan Rivera says:

    The best Latin restaurant that I have ever been to they should consider franchising!!!!!

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