Featured Dessert Spot: Rita’s Italian Ice

Ice, Custard and Happiness = Rita’s.  Spring is here and with spring comes Rita’s .  We previously posted an article on Rita’s giving away a free Italian ice on the first day of spring.  One location reported that they gave away 3451 cups of ice.  Now that’s a lot of ice…


Rita’s was started in 1984, by Bob Tumolo, a former Philadelphia firefighter, in Bensalem, PA.   Named after his wife, “Rita” , Bob began selling his Italian Ice from a porch window.  By 1997, the business had grown to 500 stores nationwide, with some mall-based stores open year-round.

Rita's Italian Ice

Rita’s Italian Ice is Fat-free, Cholesterol-Free, Trans-Fat Free and made fresh with real fruit every day, including their Sugar Free Italian Ice.  They rotate their 40 plus flavors daily to appeal to their guests taste buds.

Rita’s serves more than just Italian ice.  The menu includes their signature Misto® shakes, creamy Frozen Custard , tempting Gelatis and delicious Blendinis™ , all are made to order.  Rita’s also has a frozen coffee drink called the Ritaccino™ .   There is a Fat -Free soft serve offered called the Slenderita™ .  Birthday Club Specials and Catering is also available.


Rita’s just had a contest to name their new “MYSTERY ICE.”  Visit their site this week to see the winning name.

  • Recommendations:  Cherry Italian Ice and the Frozen Custard
  • Price$ Inexpensive = $7 or less

Check them out at Rita’s Ice to find a location near you.

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7 comments on “Featured Dessert Spot: Rita’s Italian Ice

  1. Adam says:

    I :heart: Ritas. There is one in Ellicott City which is always busy, and apparently there is some kind of “grill” opening next door pretty soon. I plan on spending a lot of summer nights over there!

  2. Billy says:

    We just started getting them in Ga. My girlfriend and I love it. We got to try it when they did their free offer for the first day of Spring.

  3. brad says:

    I could stare for days at that Italian Ice.

  4. You bastards!!! (I don’t mean that..sorry) Again, none near me. I’ve had Rita’s before though and man is it amazing!! The gelatis are incredible. I recommend anyone near one to go….and go often…like every day 🙂

  5. I grew up with Rita’s and I was super psyched to see they had them here in NC when I moved down here.

    Although my wife makes fun of me for using my Philly accent and calling them wudder ice.

  6. Raiders757 says:

    I haven’t been to a Ritas in quite some time. No excuse either ,as one is only a few miles from me. I see a cone filled with custard in the very near future for me.

  7. I could go for a swirl waffle cone right now, man that looks good. This post is a good reminder that I haven’t had anything for dessert this week!

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