Famous Dave’s 2 Meat Combo = Epic GrubGrade Eye Candy

(psst…Not only is May, National Hamburger Month but it’s also National BBQ Month.  Go figure)  Sometimes, I just don’t feel like getting all detailed about what the exact texture of a piece of chicken is like, or going into the history of a piece of cheese.  This won’t be a post of many words…it will be more of just a feast for your eyes.  If you want to forget about your diet and just let go and grub on something worthy of a post meal nap….please consider my recommendation.


Keep staring

The Details:

Famous Daves, $13.99 for a 2 meat combo “Double your pleasure with any two different meat selections”.  Your choices are beef brisket, chopped pork, barbeque or roasted chicken, rib tips, chicken tenders, hot link sausage, sweetwater catfish or wings.  My goto grub selection is the chicken tenders and wings.


Mild Buffalo Wings

The combo is served with a stellar corn bread muffin, sweet and juicy corn-on-the-cob, and your choice of two sides.  I opted for the Creamy Coleslaw (A zesty slaw that’s pineapple sweet with a hint of horseradish) and the Famous Fries (Crisp-fried, thick-cut, skin-on Russett potato wedges).  The wings are award-winning and you get a choice of either hot or mild BBQ, or Dave’s traditional Buffalo-style wings with blue cheese dipping sauce.  The Buffalo-style version doesn’t overwhelm me with heat so I go with that style every time.


Grub on top of grub...Chicken Tenders buried...

The chicken tenders are lightly-breaded white meat, flash-fried to crispy perfection and served with Sweet Soul Jalapeño sauce.  I used to disrespect the sauce and just dig into the the blue cheese that goes for the wings.  The Sweet Soul Jalapeño sauce is as advertised, sweet and spicy and delicious so no longer will it be ignored.

Famous Fries - Crisp-fried, thick-cut, skin-on Russett potato wedges

It's absurd how good Famous Dave's Corn Bread Muffins are...

One last look...Last meal worthy.

5 comments on “Famous Dave’s 2 Meat Combo = Epic GrubGrade Eye Candy

  1. Adam says:

    I have to admit I’m really not a fan. People in Naptown seem to go crazy for FD’s, but I’ve always found their meat and sauce just too generic. I cohosted an event about a month ago in which they catered. Not horrible, but nothing you can’t get at any “regular” chain. When it comes to local BBQ chains I think Red, Hot, and Blue is a much better choice.

  2. DANG SON!!!! That looks crazy good! No catfish?

    I’ve got no Famous Dave’s remotely near me 🙁

  3. Billy says:

    We use to have a few of these around us. One by one they all closed down. I only got to eat there once and I had the loaded baked potato with pulled pork in it. It was good but not the best bbq around.

  4. I like the choice of 6 sauces that you get at Famous Dave’s, even though they are very predictable. I lived in the south for a little while and that would put Famous Dave’s to shame. However, for chain BBQ it is not bad at all.

  5. Raiders757 says:

    I love BBQ, and enjoy making my own. I must say that I have never heard of Famous Dave’s. How does it stack up with a chain like Smokey Bones?

    I’ve always found that if your not going to make your own, it’s best to stick with the locally owned pits. Chains and smaller franchised joints tend to get worse the bigger they get. Virginia BBQ is a great example of the smaller joints. The farther you get away from the source, the worse they get. When the BBQ is not made right on site every single day, it’s just not as good.

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