Celebrity Grubber: Dwight Howard’s Breakfast

Not sure how many of you out there are sports fans. But as for Ryan and I? We’re die-hards. Looks like Dwight had a nice meal at Cracker Barrel. Too bad the Magic couldn’t pull off a championship this year but with the grub Howard’s munching on he may be a little bigger next year, a little tougher to push around, if that’s at all possible. The Big Witness is going to have it in for him!

breakfast of champions. http://twitpic.com/9s5m9″

yummmyy. Lol. That was greattt http://twitpic.com/9s7vu”





20 comments on “Celebrity Grubber: Dwight Howard’s Breakfast

  1. James says:

    There is no way he ate all that by himself.

  2. Ryan says:

    I think he did…the before pic shows 7 food plates and the after pic shows only 5…and 1 of the 5 seems to be untouched…and a sausage patty remains. Big Dwight is a monster. Cracker Barrel biscuits are legit.

  3. Raiders757 says:

    Go Lakers!!!

  4. Bear Silber says:

    @James – I don’t know….he’s a pretty big dude.

    @Ryan – “Cracker Barrel biscuits are legit.” Haha, are they better than Red Lobsters?

    @Raiders757 – Go Lakers!!!

  5. Ryan says:

    @ Bear … Very different biscuits… Tough… It really depends on the food that goes along with the biscuits. Cheddar Bay biscuits are awesome for RL, Cracker Barrel biscuits go well with the homestyle Cracker Barrel grub. Both good biscuits.

  6. James says:

    It’s not only the amount, but the order that makes me think he didn’t eat it all. Who orders sausage and pork chops, biscuits and pancakes?

  7. Bear Silber says:

    @Ryan – I gotta say those biscuits and gravy look damn good right about now.

    @James – Superman does…Superman.

  8. Ryan says:

    @ Jamie … Remember that time I ordered the BBQ Chicken Pizza and matched it with the Buffalo Chicken Sandwich Melt with the Buffalo Sauce on the side and matched that with a Chipwich and matched that with a Cherry Coke? I’m Superman in training…plus my dunks are pretty crucial.

    • James says:

      @Ryan… I do remember that, it was impressive and the things you can do on a 7.5 foot rim are amazing.

  9. Adam Bomb says:

    I believe it. I’ve seen big guys eat that much food before. It’s amazing and disgusting, at the same time.

  10. Justin says:

    Oh my god that’s insane.

  11. Yum Yucky says:

    Nope, I was sitting across from him. That was actually *my* breakfast…..or at least I wish.

    And no, this isn’t about being closer to Dwight’s muscular bod, it’s all about that food, baby!

  12. Ryan says:

    @ Jamie … Whatever. The alleyoops were ridiculous.

  13. Justin says:

    Actually guys, it wasn’t really that hard for him to eat that.

    He skipped the hash browns, a sausage, ate the pork chops, biscuits eggs, apple stuff and pancakes. It wouldn’t be that difficult, really. I bet most people eat more at Chinese buffets and the Mongolian Grill and don’t realize it.

  14. ChrisSh says:

    Yeah, you have to remember, he makes up for not being fat by being incredibly tall. If he was doing any kind of training that day, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if downed that much food.

    I’ve never seen an NBA player eat before, but I have seen people training for marathons eat, and it is ridiculous how much food they take in while training.

    • Ryan says:

      @ ChrisSh … Have you heard of the Ultramarathoner Dean Karnazes? The dude is insane. Awesome though…he runs like 100+ miles on the weekend and orders pizza, cheesecake, a sack of Taco Bell etc on his runs to supply his calorie needs. He has a book called Ultramarathon Man worth checking out.


  15. I know for a fact that my scrawny (145lb) ass could eat that myself and Dwight is 6’11” and 265 lbs.

    Ryan, I love that guy and that book. Remember the first story where it all started….he ended up starving at 6am and tried to go through the Taco Bell drive-in but the guy wouldn’t let him (because of course he was on foot) so he had to talk someone into ordering for him as he hid in the car 😛

    That dude is seriously insane. He did 50 marathons (in 50 states) in 50 days consecutively. Guess where he’s from? San Francisco 😛

  16. Ryan says:

    Yeah, not allowed to walk up to the drive-thru…messed up. He tried to pay the dude for helping him out but he wouldn’t accept the cash. They just grubbed and then he was off. Crazy how he’d order Round Table pizza and tell the delivery guy to meet him at such and such corner and the delivery dude would practically have to jog along with Karno to complete the transaction. So nuts. The fact that he’d pummel an entire cheesecake while running still baffles me.

    Yeah I knew he was from the Bay area…that 50/50 he did was sick too. His other book is on that. I’d like to meet him at a book signing.

  17. Lotfi says:

    I was in LA last year, and saw Dwight Howard eating two huge fast food meals in a food court.. btw, he’s the nicest dude in the world.. took many pics with my friend and I..

  18. Well, how many calories does he burn on a day? Must be a huge load. So he needs a huge load of food.

    Problem will be when he retires :p

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