Review: Mushroom & Swiss Big King from Burger King

Over the last 9 months, Burger King has made it clear that their Big King family of sandwiches is something we will continue to see grow.  So far, the original Big King and the Chicken Big King left me underwhelmed.  The latest version is the Mushroom & Swiss Big King and with the track record of fast food places rarely making a decent ‘shroom and Swiss burger, the odds of this coming out great were a long shot.

Mushroom Swiss Big King burgerBurger King describes their new Mushroom & Swiss Big King like this:

Our new Mushroom & Swiss BIG KING Sandwich features two savory fire-grilled beef patties, topped with melted Swiss cheese, mayonnaise, and featuring savory sautéed mushrooms, all on a warm, toasted, sesame seed bun.

I understand the safe route is just mimicking the standard sautéed mushrooms, Swiss cheese, and mayo combination, but in my opinion, outside of maybe Wendy’s, these ingredients usually end up being weak.

Mushroom Swiss BKI wasn’t the biggest fan of the Big King, but after my experience with the Mushroom & Swiss version, I’d like to cleanse my pallet with the original.  The familiarly pleasant smokiness of the fire-grilled beef patties is the only saving grace here.  Actually, scratch that, there’s no poor-quality “fresh” produce to speak of in this burger so that’s also a plus.  The burger wasn’t hot enough and that’s what I expect with my experiences with Burger King.  I’d like to try this burger piping hot so that maybe my taste buds can be burned enough to not taste the odd funk of rubbery mushrooms.  They are seriously off-putting and when combined with the barely-there/low-grade Swiss cheese, it’s really hard to mask the awful.

Burger King Mushroom Swiss Big KingThe M.O. of fast food places all across the United States is completely overdoing it when it comes to mayo and this experience was no different.  Having to deal with the slime of the “sautéed” mushrooms (which really just means lots of brown gravy) mixed with globs of mayo is something that reminds me why I usually avoid this style of burger from fast food places.  With a price of $4.19, I can’t recommend the Mushroom & Swiss Big King at all.  Like with the previous Big King’s, the value gets a little better if you go with the 2 for $5 Mix and Match deal which also includes the Original Chicken Sandwich and Big Fish Sandwich.

Mushroom and Swiss Big KingIf a fast food burger joint is trying to pull off sautéed mushrooms and Swiss, you might be better off seeking one of the more premium options and cross your fingers for better quality.   I might sound a little harsh, but the Mushroom & Swiss Big King currently has my stomach hurting.  P.S.  This burger smells bad too.

Pros: The fire-grilled beef patties. There's no lettuce.

Cons: Funky and grossly (pun) overpriced if you don't take advantage of the 2 for $5 deal. Chewy mushrooms in brown gravy. That was Swiss?

Taste: 2.75/10
Value: 4.75/10
Grubbing on-the-go: 4.50/10
Price: $4.19

Overall GrubGrade: 3.00/10

More Info:
Nutrition Facts:
560 calories
37 grams of fat
11 grams of saturated fat
760 milligrams of sodium
20 grams of protein

21 comments on “Review: Mushroom & Swiss Big King from Burger King

  1. Rob S. says:

    I tried this burger as well. In my case I wasn’t put off by the mushrooms but they didn’t have much positive impact either. Rather than grease or gobs of mayo, my burger was actually on the dry side. So basically my mushroom & swiss Big King was edible but kind of dry and bland. It was priced at $3.79 in my area (central New York) which still seemed too high to me. Especially considering that right now I can get a Big Mac Extra Value meal for 20 cents more than the Big King sandwich alone.

  2. Matt says:

    I seriously think BK is just trolling consumers with some of these sandwiches. The cross-section pic looks revolting. A pile of bread with some vaguely gray meat and goops of mayo. Like a refrigerated burger you nuke in a microwave for 1 minute from a gas station is probably better than this

  3. Jonathan Wayne says:

    This looks utterly disgusting on every level. I would not eat this for free.

  4. Todd says:

    I had the first Big King (with smaller patties), but that middle bun still looks huge in your photo. I am no fan of a swiss and mushroom burger and this review helps keep me in that camp. Let me know when they do a Big King Rodeo burger.

  5. Scrape says:

    Hardee’s/Carl’s Jr. has a quite a good mushroom burger.

    • Eric says:

      I tried that once and it was okay. I still miss the McDonalds version. It was the best sandwich they had.

      • Jonathan Wayne says:

        Agreed. I loved the snack wrap mushroom and swiss sandwich and those idiots got rid of it. It was literally my favorite item at McDonald’s.

      • Chuck says:

        I agree! The mushroom burger there had me eating at McDonald’s every time I wanted something fast.. So bummed it’s gone.

  6. @homercles82 says:

    I stand by my comment in the other article about this concerning it being a good sandwich, BUT, my patties were fresh off the grill and the mushrooms had some bite to them. It was SALTY as hell, but I had bottled water near by and ate some fruit when I got home.

    Also, my sandwich was on a different bun, like one of their artisan style rolls. weird.

  7. Sascha says:

    Rally’s has a $1 M&S they roll out a couple times a year, really good burger and a really good value.

    Best might be Culver’s. They press the mushrooms right into the patties, and asking for extra is always the way to go there.

    • Wells says:

      I really wish Culver’s would come to the San Francisco Bay area. I used to make 2 hour round trips to get frozen custard, butter-burgers, and pot-roast sandwiches, when I lived in Houston.

  8. Matt says:

    Mushroom-swiss burgers just don’t belong in the fast food realm. Red Robin’s mushroom burger is unbeatable.

    • Robert says:

      Red Robin’s beef is fast food grade. The McDonald’s Angus burger was just as good. Everyone complained about them here, but now we only have the vastly inferior quarter pounders at the same price. Boo.

    • Scrape says:

      I found one better. If you have a Smashburger anywhere near you, their new “Truffle and Swiss” is absolutely amazing. And for once, the arugula isn’t bitter.

  9. mouse says:

    I had 2 of these this evening. I ordered them without mayo, so they were made fresh as I waited. For 2 for $5, not a bad deal.

  10. Brett Michaels says:

    Never had one but you have to know that its not fresh shrooms so tbere for no matter what they charge its not worth it cause nothing beats FRESH sauteed shrooms so therefore i would not try it cause canned shrooms are lile cbewing on a eraser!

  11. phoenix michaels says:

    My amazement was how SMALL this burger actually is. You look at the big, fluffy double-stacker on the menu pics and expect a MUCH MUCH bigger sandwich. A big strong man is gonna need 3 of these.

  12. tekwyzrd says:

    I have to agree with the comment about the size. The only thing big about it is the regular menu price. The Rally’s $1 bacon swiss is a better burger – more flavorful and not dry like the BK mushroom swiss.

  13. Wells says:

    I actually enjoyed this burger. Like Phoenix Michaels, I was surprised at how small it was. When I took it out of the bag, I was afraid they had given me a slider. Then I opened the wrapper and realized that this was indeed the “Big” King.

    I remember Hardee’s Mushroom Swiss burgers with fondness, but the Carl’s Jr(I moved from the south to California) near me does not have one. They don’t even show up on the Carl’s Jr website, but they do show on the Hardee’s website.

  14. M-Logan says:

    Rallys 2 for $3 mushroom & swiss burgers are, for some reason, like total crack to me. It’s a little bit of a drive to the nearest location which keeps me from eating them ALL the time, but man they are tasty. Maybe they put something illicit in that funky orange gravy the ‘shrooms are in…..

    This BK thing here looks awful so I’m glad I never noticed it around here (StL).

  15. Douglas H says:

    These burgers were very expensive 26 dollars for 4 burgers. If that wasn’t bad enough they were the grosses burgers I ever ate. I used to go to bk for other things but I will avoid them all together after this experience.

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