Review: House Made Chips from Arby’s

Usually, when you’re given house chips, it’s a good thing.  It means you’re ahead of the game; you can’t lose.  In my book, I usually see Arby’s as ahead of the game before I walk in the door based on my past experiences, mostly related to their roast beef.  Another of my favorite Arby’s assets is their namesake sauce.  So, when I heard they were going to make Arby’s Sauce flavored House Made Chips, I was eager to give them a try.  After all, Arby’s does well with other fried potatoes which I often dip in Arby’s Sauce, so why not?Arby's ChipsAs a day-job scientist-type, I thought it important to test the new chips against a control.  Therefore, I decided to pair the chips with the most time-tested of Arby’s offerings; that being their regular roast beef sandwich, sans the lauded new bun and pickles.  As per my normal routine, I picked up some Arby’s sauce to adorn my roast beef, but had to wonder whether I would need it given the promise of the Arby’s Sauce flavoring on the chips.  I also wondered if I needed to order anything else to satisfy my American sized appetite.  Would a simple sack of chips be enough to fill me up along with my regular sized roast beef? Arby's ChipsI decided against ordering anything more and to my delight, I was given a healthy helping of the new offering.  Of course, by healthy, I mean there were a good number of chips.  After looking up the nutrition info, I was surprised to see that the bag of chips, which only comes in one size, is essentially the equivalent of a medium curly fries in terms of calories and fat.SONY DSC OK, on to the taste test.  First bite, crunchy, slightly salty with a hearty, thick-cut feel to them.  Not bad.  Second bite, let’s find the flavor.  Where’s that Arby’s Sauce kick? Hmm, how ’bout on the third bite?  Nope.  That’s weird, I thought.  There seems to be a lot of the typical “flavor dust” common among similar style chips.  In fact, at first glance, I thought I was going to be hit in the face with a Doritos-like flavor punch, but alas, there was nothing.  The chips were a quality made, thick cut kettle style chip as advertised, but for whatever reason, the flavoring just wasn’t up to par with what we’re used to from Arby’s products like the curly fries or any of their sauces.  About half-way through the bag, I actually resorted to putting Arby’s sauce on a few chips to give them some zing. Arby's House Made ChipsBy the end of the bag, I was just thirsty, and nothing else.  I know chips aren’t supposed to be moist, but these things really had me thankful that in America, when you order a small pop, you get a 16 ouncer.  In the words of Cosmo K.: These chips are making me thirsty.  I seem to be on a run of reviewing products that aren’t bad, but just aren’t good either.  Sounds like I should have taken the Kings Hawaiian Roast Beef assignment instead.

Pros: Quality thick-cut kettle style chip. Not bad if you add your own Arby's Sauce.

Cons: Lack flavor. Very dry. For 27g of fat, I'd go with the Curly Fries.

Taste: 4.00/10
Value: 6.00/10
Grubbing on-the-go: 8.00/10
Price: $1.99

Overall GrubGrade: 5.00/10

More Info:
Nutrition Facts:
Calories 450 Cholesterol (mg) 0 Calories from Fat 250 Sodium (mg) 530 Fat - Total (g) 27 Total Carbohydrates (g) 47

27 comments on “Review: House Made Chips from Arby’s

  1. Ryan says:

    I found them to be too vinegary. Portion size is pretty fair though.

  2. Tara says:

    I really liked them. I thought they tasted like a cross between barbecue and salt and vinegar kettle chips.

  3. Ryan (not grubgrade Ryan) says:

    I thought they were ok. The Arby’s sauce flavoring was interesting, and they were crunchy, but not enough to pull me away from curly fries.

  4. Shan says:

    I tasted vinegar too, and while I love vinegar, it just wasn’t right on that chip.

  5. Manavee says:

    I really liked these chips….I love vinegar on my potato chips, so if you don’t like the vinegar/potato chip flavor combo, you may not care for these.

  6. Roger C. says:

    Awful. At least make the seasoning optional. I emailed Arby’s about it, and they basically told me to fly a kite. The chips are cooked great, but the seasoning just ruins it. If they don’t want to fix it, that’s their problem. No one will buy it and they’ll be off the menu in a month.

    • AWS Man says:

      “Nobody will buy them” because you personally don’t care for the seasoning? You do realize that tastes vary and other people may actually like seasoned chips, right? I personally found them pretty tasty. I guess that means that EVERYONE will buy them, and they’ll stay on the menu permanently.

  7. Sam says:

    You take really good pictures.

  8. Eric says:

    I almost feel like the people saying they tasted vinegar had a different product than me. I got very little flavor in my chips, similar to Murray’s experience. They were okay for chips, but I’d have been happier taking the curly fries. Luckily, I had them alongside the King’s Hawaiian Roast Beef sandwich, so it was still a solid lunch.

  9. Mike N. says:

    It looks like GrubGrade ex-pat Adam is the outlier with these; he praised them and gave them a 9 out of 10. I thought they were decent, but I think I’ll stick to curly fries.

  10. nick says:

    It’s “these pretzels are making me thirsty”. Haven’t had the chips yet but i can’t let a wrong seinfeld quote go uncorrected.

    • Murray says:

      Yes, I’m aware of the creative license I took here. But if you must, go ahead: deride, deride.

  11. Lancaster says:

    I would buy these for use within an Arby’s sandwich. Give it some crunch. And then also get some fries on the side.

  12. Ray says:

    I didn’t notice much vinegar flavor on my chips. Actually, I didn’t notice much flavor at all as the seasoning was surprisingly tame. The chips themselves were nicely made – thick and crunchy – and an enjoyable eat when dipped in the Spicy 3 Pepper sauce, which really is a great sauce as far as fast food goes. I was expecting the chips to be served warm for some reason, as if to emphasize the “house made” angle, so it was a little disappointing that they were not.

    I’m not sure if I’ll choose these over the curly fries again but it’s nice to have another option. I still miss the option of “homestyle” fries but I’m probably in the minority on that.

  13. Emily says:

    To me the chips tasted a lot like ketchup. They’re not bad but, the amount of seasoning on them was a little overwhelming. It seemed like every time I took a bite I would be covered in it.Back to the point about them tasting like ketchup, they didn’t taste much like Arby’s sauce at least to me. I’ll probably buy them again

  14. Raiders757 says:

    I want to try these, but I’m not a big fan of flavored chips, as the majority of the time, no matter the brand, the flavoring overpowers the potato flavor and tastes like crap. Especially BBQ flavored chips, and that’s what I have imagined these tasting like. Hearing that the flavor is rather subtle is a huge positive for me. I have to agree with Roger. It would be nice if they offered a tasty plain standard version of these as well.

  15. Jay says:

    You can order fries without salt..can’t you order these chips without the dusting of whatever this bio-chemical enhancement is..?

  16. lizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzy says:

    I found your website after googling for the recipe of the seasoning for the house made chips.

    I guess I’m in the minority of people who actually liked the flavour of the seasoning. It had the salty/sweet quality to me and I couldn’t figure out what exactly it was that tingled on my tongue. Then again, I’m a fan of the seasoning at Cheeseburger in Paradise which has a kick of cinnamon, so apparently I’m not a spicy fan.

  17. Rich says:

    The ones I bought were EXTREMELY salty and EXTREMELY sour/bitter (tasted like battery acid). I don’t mind salt/vinegar chips, but these chips were not edible.

  18. Ledahi says:

    I’ve had them a few times and really like them. I think the seasoning depends on the location. We have two Arby’s in town. At one, they were excellent. At the other, they were too heavily seasoned and once burnt. I hope they keep them or have them back often.

  19. Storm says:

    I personally loved these chips. I didn’t finish them when I had them alongside the chicken tenders and potato cakes because I got so full so I had enough to have as a delicious snack later in the night…They were still very crunchy.

  20. haylee says:


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