Review: Ghost Pepper Fries from Wendy’s

I gave the new Jalapeño Fresco Spicy Chicken Sandwich from Wendy’s a pretty favorable review earlier this month and today I gave new Ghost Pepper Fries a taste.Ghost Pepper FriesWendy’s describes their new Ghost Pepper Fries like this:

We’re kicking up the heat with our new Ghost Pepper Fries. Our classic, natural-cut fries topped with fresh, diced jalapeños, ghost pepper sauce, and warm Cheddar cheese sauce bring the right amount of heat. It’s too hot to last, so try one today!

One of the biggest reasons why the Jalapeño Fresco Spicy Chicken Sandwich worked so well was the balance of textures.  The freshness of the diced jalapeños mixed in with the smoky, creamy Ghost Pepper Sauce made for a great spicy chicken sandwich combination.Ghost Pepper Fries 2A lot of what made the Jalapeño Fresco Spicy Chicken Sandwich successful also makes new Ghost Pepper Fries a very solid Wendy’s offering. The natural-cut fries were loaded with just the right amount of toppings that I found a fair number of crisp, untouched fries in the mix.  An issue I have with loaded fries is when they’re overloaded with toppings and it’s mostly soggy fries you have to scoop up with a fork.  These Ghost Pepper Fries had a pleasant 70/30 split between saucy fries and unsauced fries.  I want some control over the toppings at times and the only way that can happen is with some fries that remained untouched.  I was able to get a better sense of the ghost pepper sauce flavor and heat with the Cheddar sauce being somewhat layered seperately.  I found little to no heat with the ghost pepper sauce with the Jalapeño Fresco Spicy Chicken Sandwich and I think a big reason for that was it was so mixed in with the Cheddar sauce that the peppery kick wasn’t as impactful.  With the noticeable change in sauce layers I was able to identify the heat in the ghost pepper sauce.  I’d still call the ghost pepper sauce more dominant in having a smoky taste.  The real heat comes with the fresh diced jalapeños which were once again, pleasantly crisp and crunchy.  The heat factor isn’t very overwhelming and that almost confirms to me that the majority of the heat from the Jalapeño Fresco Spicy Chicken Sandwich came from the spicy chicken fillet. Ghost Pepper Fries are a fair shot at a spicy side dish, but it was more tame than you’d think.  The starchy fries do a good job at cutting away the impact of the hot stuff enough to make it quite tolerable for a whimp like me. Also the fact that the sea salt seasoned fries are kind of slim on the saltiness, salt doesn’t play a flavor factor in getting in the way of the toppings.Ghost Pepper Fries 3The dish of fries was priced at $2.89 at my local Wendy’s, but carries a $1.99 suggested price.  It’s a good amount of fries that carries plenty of extra weight from the mix of cheese sauce, ghost pepper sauce, Cheddar cheese sauce, and freshly diced jalapeños.  Paying 90 cents more didn’t bother me too much because there was enough grub to act as an entree… and finding a good sized entree item for under 3 bucks at Wendy’s is tough these days.Ghost Pepper Fries 4While not the scary heat storm I was expecting, Wendy’s new Ghost Pepper Fries still pack enough of a spicy kick to wake up the tastebuds.  The mix of fresh jalapeño pieces with the warm sauces blanketing over a bed of fries makes for a memorable and tasty side dish that is big enough to take the place of an entree.

Pros: Contrasting textures of fresh jalapeños and creamy sauces. Good amount of weight for being under 3 bucks.

Cons: Ghost Pepper Fries proved to me that the Jalapeño Fresco Spicy Chicken Sandwich got most of its heat from the chicken.

Taste: 8.00/10
Value: 6.25/10
Price: $2.89

Overall GrubGrade: 7.75/10

More Info:
Nutrition Facts:
Calories - 500
Total Fat - 33 grams
Saturated Fat - 9 grams
Sodium - 850 milligrams
Carbs - 44 grams
Fiber - 5 grams
Protein - 9 grams

21 comments on “Review: Ghost Pepper Fries from Wendy’s

  1. JJ says:

    Nice to see a review on this, as several people have posted unimpressed comments about the fries. Also, the Wendy’s near me always has good food, excepth they salt the hell out of their fries for some reason.

  2. Alek says:

    Tried today and I told them hold the Jalapenos sprinkle. Not bad at all and I think that they could do different varieties. Maybe like loaded fries with cheese sauce and bacon.

  3. Jonathan Wayne says:

    Damn, your Wendy’s played you, just saw an ad on TV for them for $1.99.

  4. NateS says:

    Ghost pepper is obviously only a marketing ploy here. These were NOT hot at all. I actually thought they forgot the GP sauce but no it was right there with the cheese sauce. My price was the same and I paid around $8 for these and the GP chix sandwich. Was a very underwhelming meal actually.

    • GM says:

      I’d have to agree. I like spicy food. I love it in fact. But on one side. There’s this cheese shop I go to sometimes that has ghost pepper cheese. Now again, I like spicy. But this cheese, which is cheese with pieces of ghost pepper in it. Is super, super hot. Even with a thin slice of cheese on a sandwich or on pasta. It was too hot most of the time to actually enjoy my meal. These “ghost pepper” fries tasted pretty good. But they weren’t spicy at all. Still good fries. But kinda disappointing.

  5. CulinaryZerg says:

    It was OK. Yeah, I think the toppings were a bit odd for fries and would make more sense on nachos. They should do this.

  6. Alex K. says:

    I had these yesterday alongside my sammich, and I instantly got smacked in the face with … maybe not nostalgia, but… memory? Whatever. The sauce tastes almost identical to the sauce they had on their Four Alarm Chicken Sandwich about 10 years ago. I can only hope this’ll be permanent — I know it won’t be, but the fries and chicken sandwich were two of the best things I’ve ever eaten from a fast food place.

  7. Justin Frey says:

    I tried these today for the price of $1.99 – I was very happy with them. The pepper sauce isn’t crazy hot but it doesn’t give it s little zing and the diced fresh jalapeños are perfect on this. Now if they only could have used melted real shredded cheese on them instead of cheese sauce. I will be trying this again in the near future

  8. Kyle says:

    First off, I can’t handle spice well. I fully thought that these were going to be way too hot for me. I was wrong, they are not that hot, more of a mild spice that complements the cheese sauce well. I really liked these fries I’d give them an 8/10. The heat and smokiness were just right for me, but for someone expecting a slap in the face from the heat, not gonna happen

  9. Mark says:

    I’m with NateS- I thought that the sauce was just cheese, but reading these reviews and looking on the Wendy’s web site, I guess that it is what it is. I didn’t expect blasting hot, but the best I can say is “pleasantly warm”.

  10. GMoney says:

    Just tried the Ghostface Killa fries today. Loaded with cheese, bit spicy. Loading a baked potato with this combo a must.

  11. Jackie says:

    I just had it today and I was unimpressed. Dont get me wrong the fries in general are good, but not hot at all. the jalapenos were not hot either. I thought the jalapenos were bell peppers. I eat a lot of spicy so maybe that’s my problem.

  12. Tee says:

    I love them!!

  13. KT says:

    I agree with your assessment that these fries are neither hot nor spicy. There is almost no ghost pepper in the sauce, which is then diluted with cheese sauce. I could not detect ANY heat in these fries beyond the fresh jalapenos sprinkled on top.

    I disagree that these are “good fries”. My fries were greasy, cold, and unsalted, and they only possible salvation was the topping. Sadly, slathering cold, dead fries with greasy “cheese” sauce flavored with food coloring and mayonnaise does not improve them. There was way too much grease and oil in this dish for my taste.

    I might feel more charitable if they had been hot or salted or half the amount of greasy sauce had been used, but I doubt it. There is no good rationale for putting that much fat on food that was fried. They were, in a word, disgusting.

    I would not recommend these fries to anyone.

  14. Terry says:

    I loved these fries! Sad they took them off the menu!

  15. Lady says:

    I thought the fries were perfect. The cheese sauce was tangy with just barely a touch of heat, which was OK because the fresh peppers added the kick. I wasn’t really expecting too much heat (I was looking for food that is edible please and thank you very much), because I was looking for flavor. Wendy’s nailed it.

    Now in my area, they sprinkled cheese on top of the sauce which I think added more to the cheddar taste. And with the fresh fries, the tangy sauce, and the mildly hot peppers, the balance was nice.

    At 1.99 I found them to be pretty filling as well.

    Just wish they weren’t a promotion. There is only a ghost left of the Wendy’s ghost fries now ?. (Had to do it)

  16. ggmil says:

    I got hooked on these fries & now they are no longer on the menu … hope they bring them back SOON!!

  17. Kathy says:

    Perfect, love these fries, can’t wait till on the menu again

  18. […] with 29 grams of total fat and 34 grams of protein. Wendy’s also has brought back its Ghost Pepper Fries for a limited time […]

  19. jusas como says:

    These are terrible – smothered in yellow cheese sauce, barely any ‘ghost pepper’ sauce, and pickled not fresh jalepeno, and limp fries – horrible combo
    Save your money do not buy – they will never look like the ones in the ad

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