Review: Funnel Cake Hole-Lotta from Checkers

Checkers flies under the radar with some great grub ideas from time to time and a good example of that was last years Stuffed Waffle Cones.  This year marked the introduction of “A Carnival of Sweet Treats” with funnel cake.  Dessert choices featuring funnel cake include the Classic Funnel Cake, Funnel Cake Fun-dae, and my choice for this review… the Funnel Cake Hole-Lotta.

Funnel Cake Hole-LottaSo what exactly is a Hole-Lotta?  Basically it’s a cup with a base of vanilla soft serve with its core (hole) filled with toppings.  The dessert is also of course topped with the toppings and there’s more when you reach the bottom.  The idea of the core filling works really well with Strawberry Cheesecake Hole-Lotta, but didn’t quite succeed with the Funnel Cake Hole-Lotta.  This turned out to be such a minor issue and there’s plenty of deliciousness to make me overlook almost any persnickety gripe. 

Funnel Cake Hole-Lotta CheckersThe Funnel Cake Hole-Lotta features vanilla soft serve, warm, crispy funnel cake pieces and strawberries.  Yes the funnel cake is deep fried on site, made-to-order.  I was a little disappointed that the dessert wasn’t topped with powdered sugar.  Funnel cake and powdered sugar just go together and should be together.  Thinking about the dessert as a whole, I do think that powdered sugar probably wouldn’t have added much considering this isn’t just a funnel cake.  The Classic Funnel Cake is on the menu and is topped with powdered sugar so I just figured why not.

Checkers Funnel CakeThe syrupy sweet strawberries were plentiful throughout the dessert and blended well with the vanilla soft serve.  These two flavors in a soft serve dessert were familiar, but the addition of crisp funnel cake pieces put it on a whole other level.  Funnel cake pieces were found top to bottom and had me imagining doughnuts and ice cream.   Some funnel cake pieces were the size of french fries and that made for some difficult maneuvering while trying to avoid wearing the dessert.  The oily fried morsels retained their structure and you can tell the funnel cake was just made.  The funnel cake pieces were crunchier than what I’m used to, but the aroma and flavor was pretty spot on.  Crunchier pieces of funnel cake seem to be the way to go in a dessert that is a creamy, cold soft serve.  There’s a perfect contrast of textures going on and the balance of ingredients was just right.

Funnel Cake CheckersPriced at $3.69, the Funnel Cake Hole-Lotta felt a tad overpriced.  Checkers has way too many super cheap options so $3.69 stuck out as high.  If this managed to stay under 3 bucks, I probably wouldn’t have docked it some value points.  That being said, I’d still get the Funnel Cake Hole-Lotta again and again.  Funnel cake is awesome and funnel cake mixed in with vanilla soft serve is something I can’t believe took so long to hit a major fast food chain.

Pros: Crisp and plentiful morsels of funnel cake made to order. Balance of ingredients top to bottom.

Cons: Where's the powdered sugar? Would be a strong value if under the 3 dollar mark.

Taste: 9.50/10
Value: 5.75/10
Grubbing on-the-go: 5.00/10
Price: $3.69

Overall GrubGrade: 9.00/10

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6 comments on “Review: Funnel Cake Hole-Lotta from Checkers

  1. Roger C. says:

    Am I the only one that experienced a NASTY aftertaste with that funnel cake? I love that stuff, but I’m not inclined to order it again at Rally’s/Checkers. You can actually do it at home quite easily.

    • Dani says:

      No, you’re not! I got an bad grease aftertaste too and I just finished one. They didn’t put enough powered sugar on it either. THAT might’ve helped it.

  2. Robert says:

    If you get the funnel cake by itself (SO GOOOOD) it’s topped with powdered sugar.

    • Susan says:

      The funnel cake is NOT made on site…they are PRE FRIED, shipped to the individual locations and dunked QUICKLY into a SECOND slathering of hot grease. It is the most AWFUL thing I’ve ever put in my mouth. EVER. It absolute GARBAGE.

  3. Sascha says:

    Great grade. I haven’t had one yet, but am planning a trip this week. I would, however, disagree with the notion that the price tag is too high. I understand that it can stick out on a menu with a ton of dollar sandwiches and 2 for $3,4,5 deals, but for what you get with the funnel cake alone, this price feels right to me.

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