Review: Dare Devil Loaded Grillers from Taco Bell

It’s hard to believe that nearly 3 years have gone by since Taco Bell first introduced Loaded Grillers.  Loaded Grillers aren’t anything groundbreaking… basically they’re just inexpensive burritos with a fancy name.  The Loaded Grillers line saw some new flavors early last year, but it’s been quiet since then.  New to the menu for a limited time are a trio of new Dare Devil Loaded Grillers that aim to please those looking for some spicy variety.

IMG_3920Each of the Dare Devil Loaded Grillers feature seasoned beef, nacho cheese, crispy red strips and a spicy sauce.  Priced at $1 each, Dare Devil Loaded Grillers are a cheap way to get your Taco Bell fix and are a nice a la carte item to add to an order that will eventually fill you up.IMG_3926Working my way up the heat scale I first started with the mildest of the three known as the Mild Chipotle Dare Devil Loaded Griller.  This one had by far the most sauce and it was fine by me considering my weak tongue.  Even though the chipotle sauce is considered to be mild, keep in mind that it’s taking the mild spot when compared to habanero and ghost pepper.  I found this creamy chipotle sauce to be the most flavorful of the three and mainly it is thanks to the toned down heat.  There still is enough peppery heat that can hold its own as a spicy standalone option, but compared to the hotter choices, this one seems tame.  With not being overwhelmed with heat, the smoky chipotle pepper flavor stands out pretty well.  The crunchy red strips take the most damage since this Loaded Griller was sauced up the most.  Also the chipotle sauce even took over the beef and cheese flavor a little much in some spots.  Overall though, not going overboard with heat made the flavor have more impact over just heat.  Nutrition info: 420 calories, 22 grams of fat, 5 grams of saturated fat, 940 milligrams of sodium, 43 grams of carbs, 4 grams of fiber, 3 grams of sugar, 12 grams of protein.

IMG_3923Next up was the Hot Habanero Dare Devil Loaded Griller.  Just like the middle child in most families, the Habanero version lost my attention.  There didn’t seem to be a big standout quality with the this one and it’s not a surprise when you’re in between the tastiest one and the one that hurts the most.  The habanero sauce is cream-based, but it’s not very easy to tell… especially after just sampling the overly creamy chipotle sauce.  There’s a hint of citrus and lime flavors with some other milder-than-habanero pepper spices to make the habanero flavor a bit more well-rounded.  The seasoned beef and nacho cheese sauce had a bigger presence with this one and the crunchy red strips stayed crunchy.  Heat-wise, the Hot Habanero Dare Devil Loaded Griller was a big leap over Mild Chipotle so this one might be for those not quite ready for ghost pepper, but still want it hot.  Nutrition info: 380 calories, 18 grams of fat, 5 grams of saturated fat, 900 milligrams of sodium, 44 grams of carbs, 4 grams of fiber, 4 grams of sugar, 12 grams of protein.


Climbing up the heat ladder and finishing off with the Fiery Ghost Pepper Loaded Griller was the only way to go.  This one hurt.  While the chipotle sauce had a pale orange hue and the habanero got a little darker, the ghost pepper sauce is a more intimidating burnt orange-red.  The ghost pepper sauce is also the only one of the sauces that isn’t cream-based so as soon as it hit my tongue I felt the pain.  With the others there was more of a spicy build-up and ghost pepper wasted no time.  The ghost pepper sauce is more vinegary and seemed to soak into everything it touched which made it tough to distinguish the flavors of anything else.  Textures became a challenge too as my tongue was taking a beating.  Nutrition info: 400 calories, 20 grams of fat, 5 grams of saturated fat, 970 milligrams of sodium, 44 grams of carbs, 4 grams of fiber, 3 grams of sugar, 11 grams of protein.

IMG_3925Take the Dare Devil Loaded Grillers challenge and get all three.  It’ll only cost you 3 bucks and some likely indigestion.  I kind of wished Taco Bell would have featured these three levels of spicy sauces with slightly different ingredients in each.  If you’ve had the Beefy Nacho Loaded Griller, these Dare Devil options are just spicier versions of that.  Even if each of the Dare Devil Loaded Grillers had one identifiable ingredient difference in each besides the sauce, I would have likely been more enthusiastic to try them.  I’m not crazy about trying super spicy fast food, but if the variety stretched beyond sauce, I’d be more willing to recommend them.  Whatever the case, they’re a buck each.

Pros: Three levels of heat. $1 each.

Cons: No variety between the three choices besides the sauce. Fiery Ghost Pepper hurt.

Taste: 6.00/10
Value: 8.00/10
Grubbing on-the-go: 7.75/10
Price: $1.00

Overall GrubGrade: 6.00/10

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27 comments on “Review: Dare Devil Loaded Grillers from Taco Bell

  1. CC says:

    Ghost pepper one was slightly more than “mild” in spiciness. It’s not even at normal buffalo wing sauce spiciness though.

    I feel like Dairy Queen hits harder with their flamethrower burger than this. But it’s fast food, and at least it’s not as bland as other (cough, Wendys) attempts.

    • Alex K. says:

      I’d say it’s basically just a moderately spicy buffalo wing sauce with only a little chipotle-like smokiness. Nothing difficult to recreate at home.

    • BigBelly says:

      Thank you for DQ comparison, I haven’t been there in a while, time for a trip. Is the flamethrower only a lunch option?

      These things don’t interest me much, I get mine to go 99% of the time, and wrapping tortilla chips up in something hot just leads to grossness. I’m going to try and get them to put the gp on a burrito supreme, that sounds like a better combo

      • CC says:

        Yeah, DQ’s burgers are lunch/dinner stuff. I didn’t even know they served breakfast, actually.

        I think their flamethrower is just a burger with tobasco + mayo blend honestly, but that’s significantly spicier and more flavorful than all these recent offerings, regardless of their names and marketing.

        • BigBelly says:

          Thanks again, the ad here made it look like lunch only for some reason.

          They put the ghost pepper sauce on a burrito supreme for me tonight, pretty good combo, it had a little bit of heat to it, not much, but I’d order it that way again.

          From what I can remember of the Diablo sauce, I think this stuff might have a little more heat to it. Anyone else remember?
          They should partner with someone like Mrs Renfro’s, they make a great ghost pepper salsa that has good flavor, and quite a bit of heat, enough that even thinned with sour cream or whatever, it should still come through

    • TehBuLL says:

      Yeah, that flamethrower burger is no slouch! So hard to find a Taco Bell nearby. Somehow downtown Chicago is a Taco Bell desert. There’s one but it would burn my whole lunch break to get there and back.

  2. Snackeroo says:

    Glad to hear the Ghost Pepper variety has some heat. After Popeyes and Wendy’s disappointing Ghost Pepper offerings, I had little hope for Taco Bell’s.

  3. Alex K. says:

    As I posted on the Taco Bell Subreddit, how to re-create the Habanero and Ghost Pepper sauces at home:

    Habanero: 1pt. Southwestern ranch from BWW, 1pt. Hot sauce from BWW, 1pt. Spicy Garlic from BWW.

    Ghost Pepper: Wild sauce from BWW … won’t have the little bit of smokiness that the TB sauce has, but it’s a close substitute.

    Also, get Beefy Fritos Burritos and ask for the sauce on the side — you get a lot more for your money.

  4. Michael says:

    I found the ghost pepper one to be highly disappointing, honestly. I have a fairly low tolerance for spicy food, and I was expecting a tongue scorching experience, I was met with a very mild and flavorless sauce. I found the chipotle one to be both hotter and more flavorful. They really missed the mark on this or used the wrong sauce on my order, not sure which.

    • rodney says:

      I don’t know, I think the ghost pepper one had the most heat I’ve ever gotten from an item from a major chain fast food place. Outside of something like a Subway sandwich I had them load down with jalapenos.

  5. alan rodriguez says:

    its a habaneop. its hotter then cayenne but not to bad when ur eating it…. y r u complainig? i wold not go as far as the ghost but i dont think they r using the real pepper here because u would not be abel to eat it.. so u want heat and flavor.. and i would just get habaenro… if its spicy ur gonna get that. some plp cant handle it.. and u also want plenty of that suace with the rest.. taco bell has a prob with balance and plp dont see to get that… oh well….

  6. Joe says:

    Think I’ll try one of the ghost pepper ones tonight. It looks like Taco Bell is finally wising up and figuring out that some people actually like hot food – shame they killed off Diablo though, felt like such a short run.

    Not getting my hopes up that it’ll even hit Tabasco on the scoville charts, but that’s why hot heads keep their hot sauce collections at home… Just a shame you can’t get anything actually spicy on the go.

    • Chris says:

      You hit the nail on the head Joe. About tabasco heat level was my take after downing 3 in a row and barely breaking a sweat.

      • Joe says:

        Well, I ended up just doing the box with the burrito supreme / griller / crunchy taco. I wish I’d just done three of the grillers, I actually really enjoyed it.

        Was it blistering? Not even close, but it did give that nice pleasant tingle on the tongue, and it was the first time in a while I felt a taco bell item was ‘moist’ enough on the inside not to need a gallon of Fire sauce. Especially at a buck, I’ll be getting more of ’em.

  7. Frank says:

    My wife and I tried all three last Saturday, unfortunately, the wrapper on all three was identical, so instead of climbing up the heat ladder we accidentally started with the ghost pepper, which was good, but hot, the habanero flavor came through while still suffering ghost pepper burn, but by the time we got to the chipolte one our mouths were still on fire and we really had no idea what it tasted like..

  8. scram says:

    Had the Habenero last night. Very good and just enough spiciness for a kick. It doesn’t overpower the flavor, which is what I prefer in spicy/hot food. I don’t know why you’d want to eat something so freakin’ hot it hurts to swallow.

  9. Dustin says:

    I had a habanero and ghost pepper griller this weekend. I hope they were just prepared incorrectly. The habanero had zero heat, while the ghost pepper had the heat of what I thought would be habanero instead of ghost pepper. Gotta say I’m a little disappointed in this newest offering. They’re worth a dollar, but there are better things on the menu for that.

    • Robert says:

      I think the heat has everything to do with how much sauce you get. Mine had a lot of sauce on it and was right at the top of my spicy tolerance, making it pretty much spicier than anything I’ve ever gotten from a fast food chain. I’m not sure what all of you guys are expecting, especially for a buck.

      • Chris says:

        If someone advertises something, they should at least fulfill the claim dontcha think. It is a dollar, but putting ghost chili on the product is misleading advertising.

  10. MP says:

    Just tried the Habanero & Ghost Peppers ones again. I couldn’t tell any difference this time & couldn’t taste any of the sauces. It needs much more sauce & none of that nacho cheese that’s probably neutralizing it.

  11. doctorx0079 says:

    My Taco Bell doesn’t even have these! Instead they have something called 2wisted Tacos.

  12. Britney says:

    I tried the Mild Chipotle and Hot Habanero ones. I really enjoyed the Chipotle one, but the Habanero is one I will probably not order again. Typically, I quite enjoy habanero sauce. Sometimes I will put it on my subs or burgers, or even my hot dogs. However, I don’t feel like there are enough ingredients inside of the grillers to compliment the flavor of the habanero. At least not in the one I got. Mine didn’t have very much stuff in it, but it seemed to be loaded with the sauce. I really couldn’t taste anything else.

    • Mark says:

      yeah the sauce is good, the grillers aren’t. I hope they start to offer this sauce on tacos and nachos like old lava menu.

  13. Mark says:

    I tried the chipotle and the habenero. The chipotle is the same sauce that’s in the chicken griller. It’s got good flavor, not spicy though. The habenero is more spicy, between hot sauce and fire sauce packets. It’s also creamy. It actually is the closest thing to lava sauce I’ve had at taco bell since they discontinued it so I was pretty thrilled to eat it. I didn’t bother with the ghost pepper cus this review said it was vinegar like and not creamy, so what’s the difference between that and fire sauce packets?

    However the grillers still suck even for a dollar. They don’t have enough filling or variety of ingredients and the tortillas aren’t crunchy, they’re barely grilled. I am a fan of the sauce but not the platform. What I think I’ll do is order a doritos locos taco or gordita crunch and ask for the habenro sauce on it. That would probably be delicious.

  14. Joe says:

    I shat my brains out after 20mins of total constipation

  15. matt says:

    these are very mild, both the habanero and ghost pepper

    in fact im not even sure they used actual ghost pepper to make the sauce

    a Habanero by itself is 100 times hotter than a jalapeno pepper. Bhut Jolkia is 400 times hotter. No way any major food chain would offer a real habanero hot sauce burrito, 99% of the population couldn’t eat it

  16. doctorx0079 says:

    Last week my local Taco Bell FINALLY got these. Wasn’t this always supposed to be national? I had the habanero one and it was pretty snappy. I may try the ghost pepper next weekend but the habanero will probably be my go-to hotness level.

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