Review: Cheesysteak Gordita Crunch from Taco Bell

Ever since Taco Bell released their mobile ordering app, I’ve found myself relying on it because of one crucial element… customization. Being able to customize an order where you don’t have to repeat your drive-thru order four times has been a pleasure. Lately I’ve been craving cheesesteaks and tacos so I decided to fire up the Taco Bell mobile ordering app and create the Cheesysteak Gordita Crunch.


Since a lot of Taco Bell items are just a shuffling of existing ingredients, actually reviewing a customized order didn’t seem like such a bad idea.  My order consisted of a Nacho Cheese Doritos Cheesy Gordita Crunch as the base, and on the inside I used grilled marinated steak (+$0.80), extra 3 cheese blend (+0.60), and raw onions (+0.30).

IMG_3584Normally the traditional Doritos Cheesy Gordita Crunch is priced at $3.19 and that includes seasoned ground beef, spicy ranch sauce, 3 cheese blend and lettuce.  With my substitutions, my Cheesysteak Gordita Crunch came out to be $4.89 plus tax.  From a value perspective, it feels like getting cheated when you charge for extras, but you don’t subtract when removing ingredients.  I can understand the upcharge for steak over ground beef but a little extra of the 3 cheese blend is 60 cents?  And 30 cents extra for some raw onions?  Removing lettuce didn’t subtract my bill by 30 cents and the same goes for the spicy ranch sauce that is priced at 30 cents a la carte.

IMG_3585Aside from the price issue, I really liked my Cheesysteak Gordita Crunch creation.  After multiple makeovers, I’m still not impressed with Taco Bell’s steak (still too rubbery), but overall I was able to get a good cheesesteak and taco vibe in one handheld package.  The outer gordita and the Nacho Cheese Doritos taco shell is only separated by a layer of cheese which makes for a great duo of chewy and crunchy textures.  Adding extra cheese (trio of mozzarella, cheddar, and Monterey Jack) seemed necessary to get a cheesy consistency to complement the chunks of steak. I really wanted “cheesy” to come through with the Cheesysteak Gordita Crunch.  The raw onions rounded out the cheesesteak style I was going for and since I tend to order raw onions over grilled onions on my cheesesteaks anyway, these were a good fit that added a little freshness and extra crunch. IMG_3588If you’ve customized a Taco Bell to make it your own, share with us in the comments. Until the Quesalupa gets a national release, I’m having fun with customizing my own orders.  The Doritos Cheesy Gordita Crunch is an awesome Taco Bell product and adding your own spin on it is likely to yield strong results.

Pros: Taco Bell's mobile ordering app and ease of customization. Texture variety. Cheesy. Pretty solid representation of a cheesesteak meeting a taco.

Cons: Taco Bell steak still has room for improvement. Cost of customization... 30 cents for some diced raw onions?

Taste: 8.50/10
Value: 4.25/10
Grubbing on-the-go: 7.50/10
Price: $4.89

Overall GrubGrade: 7.75/10

More Info:
Nutrition Facts:
Calories - 500
Total Fat - 25 grams
Saturated Fat - 12 grams
Cholesterol - 75 milligrams
Sodium - 1030 milligrams
Fiber - 4 grams
Sugar - 4 grams
Protein - 30 grams

35 comments on “Review: Cheesysteak Gordita Crunch from Taco Bell

  1. Sean says:

    I use the mobile ordering app, but I still have compliants. My biggest issue is the timeliness. I was hoping I could have my food ready when I get there, but that is never the case. I hit the button saying I’ve arrived when I am a couple of minutes away. I get the message “are you sure, food tastes best when hot” or whatever it says, and I click Yes. Yet when I get to the drive thru intercom, they ask me to verify my order and only THEN start making it.

  2. kylemeat says:

    Fun! I’ll have to try this out. Maybe, after 20 years, I can create something that resembles my beloved Cheesarito!

  3. JLebowskiTheDude says:

    They charge for onions in some markets?

    In our area locations, onions and Red Sauce are both free add-ons via the app.

    • scott says:

      every individual store is different, i’ve seen some offer free rice

      • JLebowskiTheDude says:

        There’s far too many TB locations and not enough TB items/price variants for the “each individual store is different” claim to hold true. 🙂

        I imagine most in a regional market are extremely similar, but that market to market variations are where the majority of differences lie.

        We have 20+ local TB locations and all the add-on pricing is exactly the same at all of them.

        • Pimousse says:

          Could be the same franchise owner/company.

          • JLebowskiTheDude says:

            Do you mean in my specific market, RE: the 20+ locations I mentioned?

            If so, no. Different owners. Even two different regional managers.

            I know. I’ve spoken with both of them. Several times. lol

        • raiders757 says:

          Not the case in my area. We have corporate owned Taco Bells and franchised Taco Bells, and the prices do vary between them, so does the consistency. The Taco Bell near me is corporate run and it seems the food tastes better, there’s no up-charge for certain items, and the service is better.

          The franchised TB over the next county over has decent service but something tastes off with their product, and they up-charge for everything. I don’t know what it is, but I swear when I eat their tacos they just don’t taste the same. They almost taste like dog food instead of beef. Not that I have tried dog food food, but for some reason that’s what I imagine it tastes like. It’s like they’re getting their product fro ma different distributor, but that just doesn’t seem very logical. i want to say that it’s all in my head, but it’s not, because I have found these inconsistencies with other TB location in my area (Hampton Roads, Va.)

          • JLebowskiTheDude says:

            Yeah, hence the whole most in the “I imagine most in a regional market are extremely similar” thought.

            It’s not going to be the same case everywhere, for certain.

            As far as the taste of franchised versus corporate, that’s not all that surprising. Perhaps equipment differences play a factor? I’m guessing the corporate TB uses much higher end stuff than the franchised equivalent. And maybe even a small degree of employee training differences. It’s not always just about the ingredients themselves, but how they are assembled, by whom, and using what.

        • Joe K says:

          I’ve got two TB’s within a five minute drive of each other, with drastically different prices on everything (one has higher standard menu prices, one has much higher costs for addons).

          It’s all down to whomever owns the particular location, has nothing to do with being regional or not unless all of your local stores are corporate or owned by the same person.

          • JLebowskiTheDude says:

            Congratulations on:

            1. Showing up almost three weeks after this conversation sort of “ended”.

            2. And then, stating the obvious that was already covered. In reply raiders757’s reply on July 23, 2015 at 9:54 am, “We have corporate owned Taco Bells and franchised Taco Bells, and the prices do vary between them, so does the consistency.”

            Insofar as, “It’s all down to whomever owns the particular location, has nothing to do with being regional or not unless all of your local stores are corporate or owned by the same person.” goes –

            No one was ever really saying otherwise. The comment I made previously had the cavceat of only applying to corporate owned locations, which raiders757 helped reiterate by denoting the distinction.

            Now concludedth the lesson on leading by bad example (posting well after the conversation has ended). See what I mean? 😉

  4. Matt says:

    At my Taco Bell, sometimes the price in the app is higher than the in store price. I noticed it with the current LTO bacon club chalupa. However, using the offers gets the price more in line with the in store price.

  5. Andre says:

    That’s a good point about them not subtracting for toppings you don’t want. They should at least offer substitution, for example substitute onions for lettuce at no extra charge. Otherwise, they are kind of ripping off the consumer. Add-ons can add up quickly.

    It’s also always bugged me that making an item ‘supreme’ adds sour cream and tomatoes. What if someone only wants sour cream? They are paying for both. I should probably not complain, though, because if TB split them up, they would likely charge more for them individually. How about just an add sour cream option? I’m pretty sure they used to have that.

    • Joe K says:

      You can add just sour cream in the app, or at the restaurant. Here it’s 40 cents to make an item ‘supreme,’ or 30 cents each for SC / tomatoes alone.

  6. michelle says:

    Anyone know if the baja sauce will ever be making a comeback? I miss that stuff!

  7. Christian says:

    Onions are free at most Kansas City area restaurants. I like to order a cheaper version of the beef and bean burrito by subtracting the Fritos from the beefy Fritos burrito and adding refried beans for $.25. I’ve also added beef to the cheesy bean and rice burrito to make a pretty filling burrito for $1.60.

  8. M86 says:

    It’s interesting to see the price differences. I recreated your creation on the app using my nearest Taco Bell. For me, the base Doritos Cheesy Gordita Crunch is $3.89. The steak is $0.99, the extra 3 cheese is $0.39, and the onion is $0.10.

    That being said I haven’t had fast food in months… I’m liking the idea of this Taco Bell app!

  9. Kevin K. says:

    I find the prices of their customization to be completely out of whack in my area in FL. For whatever reason, extra cheese and guacamole are a bargain at $0.25 a piece, but the diced onions are still $0.30… which makes no sense whatsoever.

  10. Erin says:

    I use the app because of the customization also. I find sometimes their ground beef upsets my tummy when it tends to be a bit too greasy. I substitute it for the shredded or sliced chicken (usually 80 cents up-charge also). However, here in So. Cal. they do not charge for raw onions at all locations, only some. It seems to vary by franchise location.

  11. Tim says:

    I’ve never actually ordered one, but it’s fun to mess around with customization on the app. If you get extra everything and all the addons, a Beefy Fritos Burrito can cost $12. I’m tempted to just order something outrageous like that just to see the reaction of the employees.

  12. SonOfCoul says:


  13. Obbop says:

    Using a redundant X 3 CRAY set-up we have ascertained that a total of 453,559,205,298,337,108 different food items can be created using the Bell’s new app.

  14. Kn says:

    Onions are free here (in TN), steak is .90, cheese is .30.

  15. Joe K says:

    The biggest issue with the Taco Bell mobile app?

    You can’t just order a side of sour cream, a side of guac, etc. You have to order it ON something.

  16. Icedus says:

    Good lord, I had no idea what a game changer the app would be! I can never go back to un-grilled burritos.

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