Review: Blake’s Smokehouse BBQ Pizza from Pizza Hut

I wouldn’t call myself a connoisseur of pizzas featuring BBQ sauce, but I do love a good BBQ chicken pizza.  Up until now I don’t think I’ve sampled a BBQ pizza that didn’t have chicken on it.  Enter the new line of BBQ Pizzas from Pizza Hut where just one of the trio of combination choices include chicken.  Since Blake Shelton’s mug is plastered all over Pizza Hut ads right now, I figured that I should give his pizza creation a shot.  There’s no chicken in Blake’s Smokehouse BBQ Pizza so this was new territory for me.

Blakes Smokehouse BBQ PizzaBlake’s Smokehouse BBQ Pizza from Pizza Hut is described like this:

A toasted Cheddar crust topped with sweet Honey BBQ sauce, hardwood smoked bacon, smoked ham flavored with a hint of sugar, and juicy pork

Obviously Blake’s Smokehouse BBQ Pizza is all about the pig.  Why have chicken on your BBQ pizza when you can have three different cuts of pig?

Blakes BBQ PizzaI figured the trio of pork meats would’ve been overkill in Blake’s Smokehouse BBQ Pizza and yet I found them to all work pretty well together.  The bacon was the most difficult of the meats to identify visually because it’s scattered about in tiny chopped pieces.  Out of the three meats, the hardwood smoked bacon also had the least flavor impact, yet just enough to give you that salty kick.  I can feel my heart rate start to pick up speed after my third bite and I’m well aware of the sodium bomb this pizza is.  The smoked ham flavored with sugar was nothing more than typical ham to me as I couldn’t tell any sugary difference.  The “juicy pork” is basically pork sausage pieces and they dominate the pizza with plenty of meaty morsels.  On first inspection I thought I accidentally got a sausage pizza.  Tons of pork.

Blakes Pizza HutPizza Hut uses the new Hand-Tossed crust (which I like) with Blake’s Smokehouse BBQ Pizza and adds a nice touch with the Cheddar cheese toasted edges.  There’s a much more crisp crunch to the ends of the crust with the added cheddar and I enjoyed that.

BBQ Pizza HutThe BBQ sauce in a BBQ pizza is so crucial and will either make or break the meal for me.  I was slightly wary about Honey BBQ sauce and whether or not the pizza would come off too candy sweet.  With Blake’s Smokehouse BBQ Pizza the Honey BBQ sauce was pretty sweet yet wasn’t too distracting considering the savory blends of plentiful pig on top.  I would have preferred a bolder, thicker BBQ sauce to be honest… especially with a name like “Smokehouse”.  The sauce was also applied a little on the light side and I was surprised by that considering BBQ sauce with this kind of pizza should really stand out.

BBQ Pizza Hut PizzaPriced at $11, this specialty pizza is only available as a large and it’s a promo price that felt about average.  It would’ve been nice to see a discounted deal for adding other BBQ Pizzas to your order, but this style of pizza feels more like it works better as an add-on to a more traditional pizza order.  After a couple of slices of Blake’s Smokehouse BBQ Pizza my taste buds were looking for something different to break up the flavors and cleanse the palate.  My initial thought after slice number two was buy this to add a little change of pace to a pizza party, but proceed with caution if going in for a solo purchase.

Pros: Plenty of pork. Nice crunchy edges to the cheddar topped crust. Sweet and savory.

Cons: The Honey BBQ sauce didn't really impress me. It was sweet, one-dimensional... no bold, spicy, tangy elements.

Taste: 7.00/10
Value: 6.50/10
Price: $11 large

Overall GrubGrade: 6.75/10

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Nutrition Facts:
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19 comments on “Review: Blake’s Smokehouse BBQ Pizza from Pizza Hut

  1. Daniel says:

    I tried the chicken version last night and thought it was pretty good. I’m surprised that you didn’t get much bbq sauce because mine was almost too much and I’ve read several similiar complaints on facebook that it was soggy. I wasn’t impressed with the cheddar crust, it looked, tasted and had the texture of fake cheese. Overall it was good but not great. I’d give the chicken about the same rating as you gave the pork version.

  2. Joe Cool says:

    What is with this new fascination with honey bbq sauce. Everything is honey bbq now. What happened to just normal bbq sause?

  3. Steph says:

    I got the Smokehouse version last night (and I was able to order it as a medium, actually, and it was still the same crust), and I agree about the BBQ sauce – I would have preferred it to be a little thicker and smokier. Overall, though, I enjoyed it.

  4. Eric Schneck says:

    Shared a Smokehouse BBQ Pizza with a friend today. It looked completely different from and much less visually appealing than the pizzas shown on GrubGrade and in Pizza Hut ads. Ours was completely smothered with dark brown BBQ sauce to the point that the other toppings were indistinguishable from one another both visually and from a taste perspective. If the pizza had any cheese on it (not sure if it is supposed to or not), we couldn’t see or taste it except for the touch of yellow cheddar on the crust. Due to the overabundance of sauce, the pizza had an overwhelming sweet/smoky taste and aroma that drowned out every other ingredient. That being said, it wasn’t horrible, because the sauce was sort of tasty, but I probably won’t order another.

  5. Tito says:

    Tried one of these last night, very impressed. Very flavorful pizza, had just amount of sauce. We will order this again and again. My only changes would be a bit more spice , this one did have a very honey flavor but it was decent but could use some tang to it. Also I’d change the sausage to something more smokey, at times while eating a slice, it reminded me of eating breakfast sausage with syrup on it, but not in a bad way that it destroyed the pizza, as the next bite would have some smoky ham and bacon in it. But am going to order again, hoping they at least keep it throughout summer. Really enjoyed the smokehouse pizza both last night and leftovers today for lunch.

  6. Brody says:

    Does anyone remember the old BBQ pizza from Pizza Hut. I used to get it every time in high school, 95-99. It was never very popular and never advertised. It was considered a specialty pizza like the pepperoni lovers or meat lovers, so it wasn’t just one topping. It was like globs of bbqed shredded pork.

    I then worked a the hut for a couple years in college and used to get it as my employee meal quite often (employees got one personal pan pizza with up to 5 toppings each shift, which was awesome). I would see someone order it every so often, I never understood why it was never advertised, as it was so good. Whenever I would suggest the BBQ pizza when ordering pizza from Pizza Hut with friends, they certainly never heard of it and it was only ordered on half of one of the pizzas. I converted so many people to the BBQ pizza with the extra slice or two from my half, they were always wishing we got both pizzas all BBQ.

    Wow, what a ramble. Nostalgia I believe, plus it was delicious. I’m finding out tomorrow if they have it and ordering one if they do.

    • Kris says:

      I remember my family ordering that BBQ pizza when I was younger. It was SO good.

    • Hunter-m3 says:

      I never liked it much, but my parents use to always order that pizza when we got Pizza Hut.

    • Punkin says:

      As I recall the bbq pizza from the 80’s, it had big chunks of beef that was barbequed first and also loads of mozzarella cheese. I looooved them, and learned to put mozzarella on my homemade bbq sandwiches. I believe that might be what this pizza needs, is mozz on top.

    • Allie says:

      They do still have the old BBQ. They have the three new ones and the older on that’s has the shredded pork. At least at the store I work at we still have it, and it’s not very popular.

    • jeff williams says:

      Now that was the best pizza in the world!!!! Loved Loved Loved it!! Why in the world would they even think of taking that off the market!!! Now I will not even eat at Pizza hut because that pizza is not available anymore!
      All this new barbecue pizza coming out not is the worse thing to ever hit my mouth!! I heard Pizza hut had came out with the barbecue pizza again and I raced down to the nearest Pizza hut to get it. I thought it would be the same pizza, WOW! Was I ever wrong!! Made me sick!!! I so wish they would come back out with the old Barbecue pizza again!

    • Lisa says:

      The old BBQ Lover’s Pizza was delicious. I do not like the new one at all! What a disappointment when I got home and opened and tasted this one; didn’t know they had changed it. The crust is good, the BBQ sauce is good, just could not stand the meat and the consistency. Hope they will go back to the old way of making it.

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  8. Bunnie says:

    Just got the Hawaiian version today. There were almost 2 inches of “cheddar crust” on the edge. There was no cheesy taste to it at all, so I was basically left with a 2-inch edge of dry bread. Not awesome. It comes with ham, pineapple and bell pepper, but they barely put any toppings on. It’s nothing I would order again. Papa John’s BBQ pizza is FAR better.

    • Evan says:

      Yep, while the BBQ sauce seemed similar to me Papa Johns is BBQ pizza is much better. I had the Hawaiian version as well and I didn’t like it at all. The toppings were so sparse that all I tasted was the sauce.

  9. Bolt says:

    The pizza pictured is made wrong. It is supposed to have bbq sauce on top of the pizza as well. So that explains why it’s dry and the bbq flavour didn’t stand out. I would go back to your local Pizza Hut and ask for a replacement so you can write an accurate review.

  10. Bob says:

    When I tried this pizza, I was entirely unimpressed. If you want a BBQ pizza, I recommend Domino’s – for the following reasons: Pizza Hut’s BBQ sauce is thin in consistency, while Domino’s has a thick and rich sauce. Pizza Hut’s BBQ sauce was overly sweet, and drizzled on top of the pizza AFTER BAKING in a very small amount in my case – 2 thin rings around the pizza. The proper way to make a BBQ pizza is to lightly cover the entire crust with BBQ sauce UNDER the toppings and BEFORE baking. I will not order again.

  11. Frankie says:

    This pizza is garbage. If there was any sauce on mine, I couldn’t see it, or taste it. The whole thing is just bland crap. No more Pizza Hut for me.

  12. John says:

    I’m eating it right now. Too much BBQ sauce and I’ve looked and looked but have not come across even a morsel of bacon. I did the cheddar crust, it made for a good dipping bread afterwards. Glad it was free, I’m sure I wouldn’t pay for this myself!

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