Review: Bacon and Blue on Brioche from Wendy’s

I’ve never been a huge fan of blue cheese on burgers and when I heard Wendy’s was coming out with one of their own, I approached with caution.  I thought to myself that I’ll get the burger for a GrubGrade review, but it’s not something I’d likely seek out on my own.  The new Bacon and Blue on Brioche from Wendy’s was an assignment for me. Even though I try my best to approach food I’m about to review with a neutral opinion, I admit to never being too impressed with this style of burger.  Wendy’s changed my mind, I enjoyed every bite of this.

Bacon and Blue on Brioche from Wendy'sThe Bacon & Blue on Brioche features Wisconsin blue cheese crumbles, blue cheese herb aioli, tomato, spring mix and three strips of Applewood smoked bacon on a toasted brioche bun.  I ordered the single, 1/4 pound burger version and it was priced at $5.29 for the burger alone and $7.59 for the combo.

Bacon Blue Wendy'sMy first impression of the Bacon & Blue on Brioche was how well put together it was.  All the ingredients felt perfectly balanced and clean with no gross slop of any one part of it taking over.  The burger looked pretty darn close to what the promotional picture looks like and the promo pic is borderline cartoony.  The shiny brioche bun I’m familiar with… I had it with the Smoked Gouda Chicken Sandwich and the BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich from last year.  It’s a nice looking, toasted bun and it really pops in pictures.  Aesthetics aside, like the previous sandwiches which featured brioche buns, I still find it to be kind of average.  It does hold up well for a big burger bun and I prefer it over ciabatta, it’s just that the “brioche” word gets a spot in the burgers title and I don’t see it as a major selling point.  The Bacon and Blue however, that’s a different story.

Bacon and Blue Burger Wendy'sWhat can I say about Wendy’s Applewood smoked bacon that hasn’t already been mentioned before?  It’s a fan favorite for a reason.  Personally, I love the texture of the bacon at Wendy’s.  I don’t care much for super crispy bacon that dries out and crumbles or flat, undercooked bacon that comes off as too rubbery.  Wendy’s Applewood smoked bacon finds that perfect in between spot and pops with smoky/salty flavor.  There’s three slices of bacon and it’s a thick cut that feels to be in a nice ratio to the other ingredients.  The most flavor impact comes from the “Blue” portion of this burger.  You don’t need a ton of blue cheese to make it noticeable so I was worried that in addition to blue cheese crumbles there was also a blue cheese herb aioli.  I figured this was going to turn out to be a funky blue cheese overkill disaster and it really wasn’t.  The sharp, tangy blue cheese crumbles provide a real blast of flavor that worked incredibly well.  While the blue cheese herb aioli’s flavor was difficult to pinpoint amongst all the ingredients, it did enough to complement the overall feel of the burger while also adding a creamy and savory element.  Tossed in amongst the spring mix and slice of tomato, the blue cheese herb aioli had a salad dressing vibe.  The sauce is also coated on the bottom bun, underneath the seasoned beef patty, so I got it in every bite.

Bacon and Blue from WendysBravo Wendy’s.  I don’t like paying $7.59 for a fast food combo, but if I thoroughly enjoyed my meal, I guess I can’t complain too much.  The Bacon and Blue on Brioche is a filling burger with plenty of flavor and fresh ingredients. This burger is an example of exceptional fast food quality and it makes places like Burger King look like food from a third world country.  I was never crazy about blue cheese on a burger until this came along.

Pros: Big premium burger. Super flavorful, good balance of quality ingredients. Applewood-smoked bacon.

Cons: Brioche bun looks great, but it doesn't stand out much. Combo price closing in on 8 bucks.

Taste: 8.75/10
Value: 5.75/10
Grubbing on-the-go: 6.00/10
Price: $5.29

Overall GrubGrade: 8.50/10

More Info:
Nutrition Facts:
Calories - 650
Total Fat - 39 grams
Saturated Fat - 16 grams
Carbs - 37 grams
Sodium - 1290 milligrams
Sugars - 6 grams
Fiber - 2 grams
Protein - 34 grams

36 comments on “Review: Bacon and Blue on Brioche from Wendy’s

  1. Jonathan Wayne says:

    It does not look bad. I went to try it tonight but my local Wendy’s does not seem to have it yet.

  2. James says:

    I gotta give Wendy’s credit. They usually tend to execute pretty well on their new offerings. However, I am getting tired of the aioli and spring mix. Seems like they slap that on every new sandwich. I haven’t tried this one yet but will have to give it a try before it’s gone. Looks tasty!

    • MP says:

      I’m sick of the fancy buns like pretzel or brioche – sub par IMO & always ask to substitute to a regular bun. But also how they pile on so many different ingredients & sauces and especially bacon to jack up the price. Every time I try one of these LTO there always seems to be something missing or wrong, like missing bacon, almost no sauce, the wrong cheese or lacking a slice, etc.
      $4.99 or $5.29 seems too much for this, tho I’ll try it with a $2 off receipt survey coupon.

  3. Eric says:

    Rather eat at Burger King then spent $7.59 for freaking Burger. at least I get good value at my local BK. Can’t say the same thing about Wendys -_-

    • rodney says:

      Reminds me of that old joke, “I got good news and bad news, the bad news is that all we got for dinner is dog crap.”

      “What’s the good news?”

      “There’s plenty of it.”

      I don’t consider a lot of bad to mediocre food to be a good value. Usually, with these kinds of upper quality burgers from Wendy’s, I just buy the burger and take it home and have chips with it. I would put their mushroom and bacon on brioche up against anything I’ve had at Five Guys (and I love Five Guys), and it’s cheaper too.

      • CC says:

        I don’t consider Wendy’s “good food” or “upper quality” either. It’s on the same level as burger king, mcdonalds, hardees…just a generic fast food place.

        The only thing that is really any different at wendy’s is their bacon is a bit better than the other fast food places.

        It certainly isn’t at any level competing against a fast casual place like five guys. That’s like comparing Chipotle/Qdoba vs tacobell’s “premium” offerings, but x2 in price. Also, I wouldn’t ever call Wendy’s a “value” when near me their meal prices are almost all $10 or more.

        I don’t know how they stay in business, almost all the changes starting with the “Hot ‘n Juicy” burger change some years back have been negative.

        • MP says:

          It’s because McDonald’s & Burger King is worse & the perception of quality is better with Wendy’s. A few years ago Wendy’s redid their burgers so they were thicker & changed to Natural Cut fries which IMO was a terrible mistake. I don’t see how they’re doing anything glaringly wrong – if anything they’ve shown consistency & restraint in putting out new products.
          As for “value” meals, it’s the biggest scam in the industry. That gallon of soda costs them a penny & is unnecessary & nobody needs a pound of fries. I stick with Jr burgers, value sandwiches, wraps & chili which fill me up & are cheaper than a full sized sandwich.
          Personally I don’t know how Burger King stays in business. They’re horrible.

        • rodney says:

          Different strokes for different folks I guess, I consider Wendy’s to be the only decent burger of the major fast food chains (we don’t have In n Out here, so I’ve never tried them). The only burger I think is as good as Five Guys is the one I mentioned, it’s delicious. No, Wendy’s isn’t a great value money wise, but my point was that the bad to mediocre food at BK and McD’s isn’t a great value because it doesn’t taste good, even if it is cheap. But hey, if you like it, that’s great for you, you get cheap food that you enjoy, yay for you!

        • JJ says:

          Actually, my only complaint with the Hot and Juicy is that they stopped putting mustard on it when they still put mustard on some of their other burgers. It tastes kinda bland without it.

          • James says:

            Well yeah, but you’re always free to ask them to add mustard, almost never a charge for that.

    • CulinaryZerg says:

      This is exactly the reason I don’t go to Wendy’s any more. It’s so close to the high-end fast casual restaurants (Smashburger, Fatburger, Five Guys, and numerous local chains) why wouldn’t I just go there instead and have a superior burger, grilled to order, for about 70 cents more?

      On the other hand, if I want a good value grubbing on the go burger, then it’s McDonald’s, BK, A&W, etc. Wendy’s is in no man’s land.

      • rodney says:

        At least here, I can get the combo of the burger I mentioned, at Wendy’s for about five bucks less than Five Guys, and at least to me, it’s just as good. But I do love Five Guys, so when that promotional burger is gone, I’ll be right back there. We don’t have Fatburger here, I have yet to try Smashburger, but it’s on the list.

        • CulinaryZerg says:

          A cheeseburger at, say, Smashburger is $4.99 same price. A burger with blue cheese and bacon and customized anyway you want (e.g. pick your bun, toppings) is ~$6. Freshly seared seasoned Angus beef to order, higher quality toppings, and brought to your table. The quality difference between this and the Wendy’s burger is astronomical, and the price difference is miniscule.

    • klee says:

      It’s 7.59 for the combo, considering a drink costs around $2 and fries around $1.59-$2.29 at almost all fast-food places, including burger king, the burger using the combo, is around $3.50 .. not $7.59. Also some prefer quality over quantity. I Assisi realize that you can get a value size drink and fry at no for a buck each.

  4. Eric says:

    Get Outta here, I’m not spending $10 on a Cheap rubber hamburger found at Wendys rather make my own and if that’s not a option. I will go to a local BK or McDonald and buy myself affordable value meal…

    • Mark Fields says:

      Well I don’t eat at Wendys because of I don’t put that kind of food in my body. Its a temple. However, Eric you sound poor. 7.59 is something you can’t afford? time for a big boy job so you can afford some stuff!

      • Justin ST says:

        What an unbelievably nasty, uncalled for comment.

        Anyways, Eric hit the nail on the head.

      • MP says:

        Mark – do you kiss yourself in the mirror while you work out? Why are you even here if fast food is beneath your pretentious self?

      • Jeff in Middletucky says:

        And the Assface of the Comments Award goes to YOU, Mr. Mark Fields! Your bosom must swell with pride.

      • Brad says:

        Dear Troll:
        Just because somebody doesn’t want to spend more money on something than it’s worth, doesn’t mean it’s because they can’t. Also, why would somebody who worships their body be commenting on a website called GrubGrade?
        Love, Brad

      • Jonathan Wayne says:

        Dear Mr. Fields, not everyone is the multi-millionaire President & CEO of Ford Motor Company,don’t be a dick:)

  5. TehBuLL says:

    Wow, that is a solid looking burger! I also am not a fan of blue cheese on burgers but that is tempting. You were right that it looks close to the promo pic, that is impressive. sigh…Burger King…not even close.

    • Michael says:

      The BK value menu is what fast food used to be though. Average to good tasting fatty bad food at a cheap price. When it’s fresh.

  6. Nate D says:

    People in third-world countries would be outraged that you compared their food to Burger King.

  7. John says:

    Thanks for another great review. Glad to see a review that’s so positive. I like blue cheese a lot, so now I want to give this a try.

  8. Justin ST says:

    Had it yesterday. Gloriously unremarkable. Wendy’s needs to drop the gourmet act and focus on making tasty burgers. For any sort of inspiration, look at Freddy’s Steakburgers and Five Guys. No need for the fancy stuff, just use great toppings and fresh, seasoned beef.

  9. Snackeroo says:

    I’d rather eat at Habit Burger. Wendy’s burgers never really tasted too great for me but I like their chili and chicken sandwiches.

  10. Jeni says:

    Yes! I knew it would be good. C’mon, fast food is what it is. Sometimes I want a juicy burger and Wendy’s (though too pricey, IMO) is a solid option. The burger alone is plenty for me, I’d skip the ho-hum fries.

  11. JJ says:

    I had this for lunch today and agree mostly with your review. The blue cheese is pretty subdued, but is probably fine for most people. I would have preferred a more pronounced blue cheese flavor, but overall, this is a solid attempt by Wendy’s and better than their pretzel burger. Also, what’s with everybody complaining about the price? My combo was $7.69 and that’s only about .30 more than a quarter pounder w/ cheese meal where I live, and for a much better burger.

    • Robert says:

      Yeah, I don’t know why that Eric guy keeps acting like combks combos are soooo much cheaper at BK and McD when they’re not, at all. Plus Wendy’s actually lets you pick a decent, more filling side like chili or a baked potato at no extra cost. Such a no-brainer.

  12. Ace Hamilton says:

    I found this sandwich very disappointing. I love bleu cheese. I think the runny, thin aioli made it taste like a bad store bought bleu cheese dressing and the beef flavor was completely overpowered. Also mine only had a little crumbled bacon instead of strips. This can’t compare to Wendy’s best regular burgers.

    • Topher Riddle says:

      That’s what I thought as well. I LOVE bleu cheese and whenever I go to a restaurant to order a burger, if bleu cheese crumbles are an option to add, I will always add it. I tried this burger last night at Wendy’s and I was unimpressed. I didn’t dislike it, but I didn’t enjoy it enough to make it worth the price I paid. As I was eating it I kept thinking about how I could have gone down the street and gotten a very good bleu cheese burger for just a few dollars more. Lesson learned.

  13. Kacy says:

    Tried this the other day and it is delicious, highly recommend!

  14. Ryan says:

    This is hands down the best burger I have ever had at a fast food place. The quality of ingredients is what you wpuld expect from a much nicer restaurant.

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