Review: 7-Up Mojito from KFC Canada

Up until now, other than those lemony scented wet naps they hand out to do battle with finger lickin’ good remnants, not too many KFC menu items could ever be considered “refreshing”.  So when news came of a KFC 7-UP Mojito (Released July 7th) I was excited, wary and confused.

KFC MojitoBeing wary and confused is a trend now lending itself more and more to any new menu item the Colonel debuts in Canada of late (I’m looking at you Pulled Pork). You know, I would’ve taken the Colonel for more of a Mint Julep type of guy but here we are.

Mojito 7up KFCNow the preparation of a KFC 7-UP Mojito is no fast food slouch. The KFC worker was beaming with glee as she informed me 3 fresh mint leaves and one slice of lime go into each glass. Color me impressed, as I was expecting a fountain based pop infused with simulated flavors.  My jolly mojito pusher also boasted that a specific version of 7-UP has been created solely for “infusing” this drink. (There’s also a strawberry version in which they add a concentrated syrup). So the soda, mint, lime and ice were added to a fancy, domed mojito cup and I was on my way, to disappointment.

Mojito KFCThere had to be someone in research and development, who at some point in their life witnessed a mojito being mixed at a night club or bar. These fresh ingredients, which KFC looks to have taken an extra concerted effort to include, added nothing to the drink other than being floating eye candy. Why could the staff not have added the mint and lime first and muddled it on the bottom of the glass for five seconds? Without doing so, there’s no hope for the leaves and citrus oils to be released into the beverage. And that’s a damn shame.  I asked the staff if they knew or has been shown in directions from corporate on how to muddle the key ingredients and was met with a deer in headlights look, so I had to self muddle by hand. Which, while sitting in a KFC, isn’t as sexy as it sounds.  Once this was done, the results were night and day. A cool, refreshing virgin mojito made from 7-UP. It can be done. We Canadian’s know what a real mojito tastes like, KFC.

7-UP Mojito from KFCGet a memo circulating out to stores and fix the key problem in a drink that may possibly lure many non-KFC folks into stores, on good word of mouth that is.  As it stands, the KFC 7-UP Mojito is a glass filled with promise, but ends up tasting like squandered opportunity.

Pros: Fresh mint, lime provided. Variety in the fountain pop category at KFC.

Cons: KFC staff not knowing what "muddle" means.

Taste: 7.00/10
Value: 3.00/10
Grubbing on-the-go: 6.00/10
Price: $2.49

Overall GrubGrade: 5.50/10

8 comments on “Review: 7-Up Mojito from KFC Canada

  1. rob says:

    Gotta muddle it yourself you may as well make it at home and add some booze

  2. sortov says:

    On top of getting a 7-Up Mojito at KFC, you ask workers to “muddle” things?

    I’m surprised they managed to keep a “deer in the headlights” look. I would expect them to furrow their brow.

    Anyway, there’s no KFCs around me but I wouldn’t buy this anyway. But I’m pretty sure I’m not the target demographic.

  3. thehottoddy23 says:

    This may be one of the strangest fast food promos I’ve ever seen. I agree with rob saying that you might as well just make it at home and add the booze as that type of Mojito is no doubt way more enjoyable. Kind of fun to see something so different, though, especially from KFC who typically doesn’t wow with LTO (I know, they had the double-down but that was about the only thing noticeable from them in my life time- and i’m nearly 35. BTW, if you’ve never listened to the Nosh Show, give it a shot as I found myself laughing the entire time. Good stuff!!!

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  6. 7-Up Mojito is very tasty. I like this item presented by KFC. 2 days ago I went to KFC for drinking 7-Up Mojito near Toronto and enjoyed the evening so much with my elder sister.

  7. mantis101 says:

    I don’t know- I liked it a lot. Apparently they have different drinks like this all over the world- except in the US apparently, lol.

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