Waffle Breakfast Sandwiches Coming Soon to White Castle

The White Castle Facebook page has this trio of Breakfast Waffles Sandwiches featured.  Coming soon?  A White Castle comment on the page says, “Our Breakfast Waffle Sandwiches are available during breakfast hours and the Chicken and Waffles are available all day at participating locations. Feel free to check with your local White Castle for further details!”  Waffles for bread sounds good to me.  We’ll keep you posted with further details.

White Castle Waffle Breakfast Sandwiches

New Iced Coffee Flavors at Dunkin’ Donuts Inspired by Baskin-Robbins Ice Cream

Starting today, Dunkin’ Donuts is offering iced coffees featuring flavors inspired by Baskin-Robbins ice cream. The three iced coffee options are new Cookie Dough Iced Coffee and Jamoca Almond Fudge Iced Coffee, as well as a flavor from last year, Butter Pecan Iced Coffee.

Ice Cream Iced Coffee Dunkin

Dunkin’ Donuts’ new Cookie Dough Iced Coffee puts the sweet taste of cookie dough in a cup of iced coffee for the first time, while new Jamoca Almond Fudge Iced Coffee gives taste buds a buzz with the flavor of coffee combined with roasted almonds and chocolate. Dunkin’ Donuts is also bringing back Butter Pecan Iced Coffee, featuring the flavors of indulgent butter roasted pecans and sweet cream. All three flavors are also available in Hot Coffee, Hot and Iced Lattes, and Frozen Coffee Coolattas through spring and into the summer at participating Dunkin’ Donuts restaurants nationwide.

Confetti Cake Waffle Cone Blizzard is the Blizzard of the Month at Dairy Queen

The Dairy Queen Blizzard of the Month for April is Confetti Cake Waffle Cone.  The Blizzard features white cake pieces and confetti frosting with cool mint and creamy vanilla soft serve.

Confetti Cake BlizzardThe fresh baked DQ Waffle Cone is newly featured to go along with the Confetti Cake Blizzard. Dairy Queen is giving away signature Waffle Cone Holders along with a $10 DQ gift card to 100 lucky Blizzard® Fan Club members (here’s how).

Confetti Cake Waffle Cone Blizzard® Treat. This month’s Blizzard® Treat of the month is Confetti Cake. And it’s not just back, it’s better than ever in a fresh based waffle cone! Fluffy white cake pieces, smooth n’ sweet DQ®soft serve and colorful confetti frosting – this is a treat work celebrating.

Waffle Cone DQ

Free Coffee at McDonald’s March 31 through April 13

The fast food breakfast war has a new player with Taco Bell entering the mix and that’s good news for the consumer.  McDonald’s wants to remind us that they’re #1 by running a two week campaign offering free coffee.  The first-ever national Free Coffee Event will run from Monday, March 31st through Sunday April 13th.  Stop in during breakfast hours and get a free small McCafé coffee.

McCafe Specialty Coffee

New Garlic Parmesan Pizzas from Pizza Hut

The latest creation at Pizza Hut is a new Garlic Parmesan Pizzas.  The new pizza features a “toasted parmesan crust topped with creamy garlic” and there are three styles to choose from: Chicken Bacon Tomato, Roasted Veggie, Five Cheese Please.  Priced at $10.00 for a limited time.

Garlic Parmesan Pizza Hut

  • Chicken Bacon Tomato: A savory toasted Parmesan crust topped with creamy garlic, Parmesan & Romano sauce, tender all-white meat chicken, hardwood smoked bacon, diced Roma tomatoes, and sprinkled with a Parmesan cheese and parsley blend.
  • Roasted Veggie: A savory toasted Parmesan crust topped with creamy garlic, Parmesan & Romano sauce, diced Roma tomatoes, and roasted vegetables, including green bell peppers, white mushrooms, and sweet red onions, then sprinkled with a Parmesan cheese and parsley blend.
  • Five Cheese Please: A savory toasted Parmesan crust topped with creamy garlic, Parmesan & Romano sauce, a delicious combination of cheeses made from 100% whole milk mozzarella, provolone, and white cheddar, then sprinkled with a Parmesan cheese and parsley blend.

New Double Pepperoni & Bacon Pizza from Papa John’s

Now that the Double Cheeseburger Pizza is off the Papa John’s menu the new featured pizza is the Double Pepperoni & Bacon.  The Double Cheeseburger Pizza got a lot of hate and maybe this new safer choice will be received better.  The Double Pepperoni & Bacon Pizza features a layer of pepperoni and oversized deli-style pepperoni along with hickory-smoked bacon, pizza sauce and mozzarella cheese.  A Large is $12 for a limited time only.

Double Pepperoni Bacon Pizza Papa Johns

Review: A.M. Crunchwrap from Taco Bell

After yesterdays Waffle Taco letdown, let’s see if some balance can be returned to the Taco Bell breakfast menu with another selection.  There’s a bunch to choose from and the A.M. Crunchwrap ranks high on the marketing campaign so let’s take a closer look.

AM Crunchwrap 1Sausage got its spotlight in the Waffle Taco so I switched things up and ordered my A.M. Crunchwrap with bacon.  Taco Bell describes the A.M. Crunchwrap like this:

All the classic breakfast tastes like fluffy scrambled eggs, a golden crispy hash brown, real cheddar cheese and flavorful bacon, wrapped up in a warm flour tortilla and grilled, so it’s good to go.

The A.M. Crunchwrap has some key qualities that make for a great fast food item.  It’s tasty, it’s highly portable, and it’s under 3 bucks.  While the Waffle Taco was a swing and a miss, the A.M. Crunchwrap is a home run.

… continue reading “Review: A.M. Crunchwrap from Taco Bell”

Dunkin’ Donuts Introduces New PEEPS Donuts

Coming Monday, March 31st to Dunkin’ Donuts restaurants nationwide… PEEPS Donuts.  These flower-shaped donuts are decorated with pastel pink or green icing and topped with pink or yellow PEEPS Marshmallow Chick.  Available for a limited time at participating locations.

Peeps Donut

Review: Waffle Taco from Taco Bell

Taco Bell has taken the huge leap into the realm of breakfast and it’s available starting today.  There’s a nice selection of products that I’ll be getting acquainted with over the coming months and what better way to start than with the new Waffle Taco.

Waffle Taco Box The Waffle Taco from Taco Bell is described like this:

A warm waffle wrapped around flavorful bacon or a hearty sausage patty and fluffy scrambled eggs, served with a side of sweet syrup.

Since the sausage version of the Waffle Taco seems to be the headliner of all the ads I’m seeing, I decided to go with that.  I like breakfast sausage and eggs and I like waffles, but the Waffle Taco only really succeeds at being gimmicky. 

Waffle Taco from Taco BellMy Waffle Taco was a little messy even before I poured on the syrup.  The eggs spilled out easily and I quickly realized this limp, folded over waffle wasn’t going to be too structurely sound to hold everything in.  The problem with ingredients falling out is commonplace for tacos, so not a major gripe since it wasn’t unexpected.  What I will gripe about is the waffle being a tough ingredient to work with when being folded… and I’m not too crazy about floppy waffles. … continue reading “Review: Waffle Taco from Taco Bell”

Free Golden Szechuan Fish with Any Purchase at Panda Express on April 1st

Tuesday, April 1st is April Fool’s Day and at Panda Express it’s April Fish Day.  Get a free single serving of new Golden Szechuan Fish with any purchase.  

Panda Express Fish

Del Taco Has Been Serving Breakfast Since 1983 So I’m Giving It Away

Del Taco wants to send out a reminder to everyone that they’ve been serving breakfast for over 30 years.  There are 15 breakfast items on the Del Taco menu and I’ve got the freebies you see below.  The closest Del Taco to me is nearly 400 miles away so please enjoy this breakfast for me.  Leave a comment if you’re interested and I’ll pick one.

del taco breakfast coupons

KFC Promotes Dip’ems with Family Bucket Meal and $5 Combo

Back in 2012 we got our first taste of KFC Dip’ems… basically Extra Crispy Tenders with an array of sauces.  KFC Dip’ems are back for a limited time.  Your sauce choices are Honey Mustard, Honey BBQ, Bacon Ranch, Creamy Buffalo, and Ginger Sauce.

KFC Dip'ems

  • KFC Dip’ems Bucket: With 20 Tenders and 6 Sauces, it’s time to sit down for the Family Dip’ems Games.
  • KFC Dip’ems Combo: 3 Extra Crispy™ Tenders, 2 Dipping Sauces, 1 Individual Side, 1 Biscuit, and a Medium Drink, for only $5.00