Wendy’s New Bacon Queso Burger, Chicken Sandwich and Fries

Wendy’s has created three new limited-time Queso products – the Bacon Queso Burger, Bacon Queso Chicken Sandwich and Bacon Queso Fries.  You might remember last year around this time when Wendy’s tested Green Chile Queso menu items in select markets.The Bacon Ques0 Burger (550 calories) features a quarter pound of beef topped with fire roasted salsa, red onions, Applewood Smoked Bacon, all-natural shredded cheddar cheese, and poblano queso cheese sauce all sandwiched between a red jalapeño bun.  The Bacon Queso Chicken Sandwich (590 calories) consists of all the same components as the burger and uses Homestyle chicken breast fillet. New Bacon Queso Fries (510 calories) feature poblano Queso cheese sauce and cheddar cheese melted over Wendy’s natural-cut sea salt fries and topped with thick-cut Applewood Smoked Bacon.  The Bacon Queso Burger carries a suggested price of $4.99 and the Bacon Queso Chicken Sandwich is priced at $5.39.  The Bacon Queso Fries have a suggested price of $2.49.  Available for a limited time at participating Wendy’s locations.

20 comments on “Wendy’s New Bacon Queso Burger, Chicken Sandwich and Fries

  1. Johnnyboy says:

    Watch the fries be like $2.99 in the DC metro area. Anyways, these are just to increase profit margins. I know they will taste great, but one meal will set you back like $10 with fries upgraded. Imagine having a family of 4 wanting these???? Better to go to Red Robin or Fuddruckers.

    • MP says:

      Sure most products cost a few cents more in a place like DC… Cost of living is generally higher where a greater proportion of tax dollars gets pumped, that just makes sense. But I’m pretty sure that if you’re going to cover your fries in cheese & bacon, that’s the meal, it replaces the sandwich, that’s plenty of food for a meal for any adult. You don’t *also* eat a sandwich, goofball, good god, pace yourself… not every meal needs to be eaten like it’s your last.

      • Johnnyboy says:

        I like to eat like it’s my last meal in prison because the next time I would eat at Wendy’s would be like next year. I eat there like once a year.

  2. LL says:

    Messiest thing ever, I couldn’t even finish it and I always do! It wasn’t very good. =(

    • Alex says:

      Amen. This might be a polarizing item. I found it disgusting, but I think it was mainly because of the salsa. But I even took out the top but that had the salsa on it and it still tasted pretty bad and dry.

    • Joe Cool says:

      Completely disagree. It was good. And I’ll have it again just to spite you.

      • LL says:

        This word “spite”…. I don’t think you understand what it means, unless, wait – do you feel spited when people like eating something you don’t like? Haha your life sux!

  3. M-Logan says:

    I actually noticed the sign about a week ago and had the chicken version – very good, and quite spicy!

    Wanna try the fries.

  4. Kevin m says:

    This looks a must try for me. All my favorites in one.

  5. Roberto says:

    I enjoyed the fries, but I could have done without the salsa on the burger. Might try it again and ask for that to be left off.

  6. bobo says:

    What, no ranch?

    • stilletkniv says:

      Never understood this old cliche, seems irrelevant, besides being an optional dipping condiment there are so very few fast food items that come with ranch on it… Not a very good troll: 2/10

  7. Richard Ginn says:

    I had to 6.29 for the chicken version. Highway robbery for sure.

  8. JJJ says:

    This was ok, but I’d rather have the fresh jalapeno sandwich instead.

  9. M-Logan says:

    The queso fries are $2.49 in St. Louis, and were well worth it.

  10. BigBelly says:

    Tried the burger version tonight, the salsa is very thick, it’s like salsa paste, kinda weird tasting, like they opened a can and let it sit to long, and it oxidized. Not much shredded cheese and the queso wasn’t oozing except for one bite. I’d give it a 7, and doubt I’d get another.

  11. doctorx0079 says:

    I had one yesterday, and I thought it was pretty good. The salsa combined with the jalapeno bun was kind of funky but it was interesting. Mine was not particularly messy. I would get this again. It is nowhere near as hot as the jalapeno fresco sandwich. That one blew my mouth up.

  12. Joe K. says:

    I had the chicken version with the spicy chicken breast. At $5.87 for the sandwich only it was ok-ish. While both the chicken and the bacon were actually hot temperature wise – the sandwich itself was dry. They had a good idea with the actual cheddar cheese and the poblano queso cheese sauce. As for the “fire roasted salsa” I don’t know because they forgot that. The bun was nothing special to me. Overall I liked it but won’t get it (or the burger or fries) again.

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