Burger King Promotes New Two Cheeseburger Combo

For a limited time, participating Burger King locations will be offering a new combo featuring two cheeseburgers, small fries, and a small drink for $3.29.Burger King 2 Cheeseburger Combo

11 comments on “Burger King Promotes New Two Cheeseburger Combo

  1. Kate says:

    What happened to the $4 Whopper Jr combo promotion? That sure went away fast! Wendy’s remains the only restaurant offering a $4 meal that actually contains a full serving of vegetables. And with Taco Bell currently featuring the $5 double crunchwrap meal, this offering from BK just looks… Very brown.

  2. mike says:

    I had this its a good deal.

  3. Tamiy0 says:

    aka ‘We’re desperate’ Combo

    • Barnaby says:

      Nothing desperate about it, BK is doing very well. What is it they are desperate for? They’re very successful and profitable in spite of not making you happy lol.

  4. ruckus says:

    I like this combo – reminds me of the old days when $2.99 could get you well fed in a fast food joint.

  5. Ray says:

    Too bad that BK is just terrible.

  6. Sandy says:

    So less than $1 per item is a pretty good deal.

  7. MP says:

    Of course this means they’ll be keeping the little sandwich chute full of these, and if they don’t sell fast enough the cooks will just grab them off the chute and microwave them and toss them back through…. meaning scalding hot ketchup/mustard & pickle in a hard bun.

    • Jay Melo says:

      I always order my burgers plain. They make you a fresh one and it really doesn’t take any longer. No more microwaved hard buns.

  8. Munch'em says:

    Everytime I get fries at BK i feel like they forgot half the fries. Then I realize the delivery method is just poorly designed! The fries are fat and long and the fry box is short and skinny! Bah, just go to wendy’s and enjoy real fries.

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