Any Size Fries for $1 at Checkers and Rally’s

For a limited time, get any size Famous Seasoned Fries (review) from Checkers and Rally’s for $1.

Our famous seasoned fries just got a new price tag. $1. For a limited time swing by and snag a small, medium, or large fry for just $1.

14 comments on “Any Size Fries for $1 at Checkers and Rally’s

  1. Roger C. says:


    Why not just sell the one size? LOL. Dumb. Save on packaging…

    • Barnaby says:

      I’d love to hear your thoughtful explanation of how that would “save on packaging”. It’s always funny when people call things dumb but they themselves have all the logical reasoning ability of an 8 yr old.

      • Roger C. says:

        Are you serious? I really have to explain this to you? Have you ever run a business or had a job?

        • Stevo says:

          Please do explain this. The only way I can rationalize your original statement is if all three sizes are normally priced the same, which of course is not the case. Why would they not have small, medium, large?

        • Bubbsy says:

          Not surprised you have no answer, but I’ll ask again since you’re doubling down apparently – how would you “save on packaging”? Also, what would you save: money, space, material….?

    • doctorx0079 says:

      Some people don’t like to throw away a bunch of extra fries.

    • Robert says:

      You do know they still sell other sized fries with their meals and that this is a temporary sale right? Because what you are saying makes no sense at all.

      • Roger C. says:

        It doesn’t make sense to anyone who’s never had a job in their life.

        • Robert says:

          Yeah you are the only person who has had job here. Nobody else here knows what they are talking about. You know better than everybody here and multi million dollar companies. Why do think McDonalds does not just sell one sized drink when they have them for $1? Now see if you can figure out how that relates to fries.

        • Bubbsy says:

          Packaging suppliers to a large fast food franchise don’t operate the same way in terms of the “volume discounts”. Checkers is already a top-tier customer and receive whatever discount is available to them when buying at that level of quantity. Whether the top-tier customer is buying 60,000 units of all one size tray or 20,000 units of each of 3 sizes, yes the per unit cost will be less than some mom & pop deli ordering a few hundred trays from the same supplier. But Checkers isn’t going to receive some additional “volume discount” by switching to ordering the same quantity all of one tray. You just don’t know what you’re talking about Roger.

  2. Stevo says:

    The one thing on their menu where lots of salt is a good thing!

  3. Michael says:

    Reminds me of when Fries in Korea were cheap. Students would group up and buy $$$ of them, then pour them onto trays all over the table in piles of mountains.

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