$1.99 Fish & Fries Week at Long John Silver’s 7/14-7/20

Fresh off a day dedicated to Free Fish & Fries, Long John Silver’s is now promoting $1.99 Fish & Fries Week. ┬áNow through Sunday, July 20th, get a Fish & Fries combo for the $1.99 promo price.

1.99 fish fries ljs

2 comments on “$1.99 Fish & Fries Week at Long John Silver’s 7/14-7/20

  1. Sascha says:

    It would be a great deal, if they gave you two pieces of fish. But it’s probably just a one piece, really an average deal at best.

    Plus, even though the fries are good, pass on them. The onion rings are so much better.

  2. Rhonda says:

    Tried the meal for myself and my son,for the first time,and we were both full. Thank you LJS for a great lunch.

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