Baked Cod from Boston Market Available on Fridays Until Easter

The season of Lent has begun and fish on Fridays will be a theme for some.  Boston Market will have Baked Cod available on Fridays for the next six weeks.  The $8.49 Baked Cod meal features seasoned, breaded, and baked wild caught Pacific cod served with scallion lemon butter sauce, two sides and cornbread.

Boston Market Cod

5 comments on “Baked Cod from Boston Market Available on Fridays Until Easter

  1. erniezuick says:

    My family has eagerly awaited Friday cod fish day at Boston Market. We arrived at Sacramento’s Fair Oaks Blvd Boston Market today (March7th) at 3p.m. and wanted to order the cod fish dinner. We were told that the fish dinner would only be served at peak hours (5 thru 7:30 p.m.). They added that that was the policy at all Boston Markets. My wife is handicapped and her schedule only allows her to eat dinner at 3 to 4 p.m.
    My wife and I ordered something else, but our caregiver had to eat elsewhere, since she wanted only the fish dinner. We will not be returning to Boston Market unfortunately. It’s too bad, because we always enjoyed eating there and we were regular customers.

    • Kevin d says:

      @erniezuick so sad to hear about your negative experience at one of our amazing eateries. We always aim for positive experiences, but rely on our customers to tell us when we haven’t been up to par. Please give me a direct email @ [email protected].

      • Seriously. I think that you would be better off writing to BM corporate, rather than ranting in here. That is, unless you are ranting about Burger King or Pizza Hut…in that case, rant away!

    • Tom says:

      Overreacting much?

    • Sascha says:

      Man, that’s a sucky experience, I was hoping to see a review, as the pic of this dinner looks awesome. Hope Boston Market can make it right for you.

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