Burger King Promotes #WatchLikeaKing During NCAA March Madness

Burger King is currently promoting its #WatchLikeaKing campaign during NCAA March Madness.  Fans can follow and tweet @BurgerKing why they deserve to Watch Like a King or post a photo such as their own game-time set ups with the hashtag #WatchLikeaKing.  If you’re worthy you can win prizes such as $100 Burger King Crown Cards, flat screen TV’s, and tickets to the NCAA Final Four.  BK has teamed up with Fab Five member Chris Webber to promote their 2 for $5 deal.

Burger King March Madness

The Burger King Final Four 2 for $5 line up is available now at participating Burger King restaurants nationwide.  Guests can mix and match their favorite premium sandwiches including the BIG KING Sandwich, Original Chicken Sandwich, Spicy Original Chicken Sandwich and the Big Fish Sandwich all at an unbeatable price.

4 comments on “Burger King Promotes #WatchLikeaKing During NCAA March Madness

  1. Matt says:

    Yeah, because that’s totally what Burger King’s lettuce looks like. All three sandwiches look awkward in that picture…

  2. NamebranD says:

    If I take a timeout to grab Burger King — a place I can only stomach once every 500 or so days — it might be like when Chris Webber tried to take that timeout 20 some years ago.

    My body would benefit to the same degree Webber’s team benefitted when he called for timeout with none left. I already abuse my body enough as it is!

    No thanks! I’ll be just fine sticking to Sonic, Five Guys, Culvers, and the local places like Burger Stand.

  3. jrdunn says:

    SO I won, the tweet says 1 ticket to go but I dont see that prize listed so I am wondering if it is the trip or one final four ticket. In a way I am hoping it is the one ticket, I don’t think I can afford the $3500 in taxes

  4. jrdunn says:

    Yup, just signed my afadavit, going to Texas!

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