New Bacon Gouda Sandwiches from Burger King

Since Burger King likes to come out with something new on a monthly basis, here’s a look at new Bacon Gouda Sandwiches.  It’s basically any combo of breakfast meat, eggs, bread with and herb spread and Gouda as the featured ingredient.Bacon Gouda Sandwich Burger King

  • Rise and shine with our Bacon Gouda Biscuit. Thick cut naturally smoked bacon, fluffy eggs, creamy Gouda cheese, and tasty herb spread are layered carefully between one of our warm buttermilk biscuits. You can also have your choice of savory sizzling sausage, sweet ham, and no egg combinations.  520 calories, 33 grams fat
  • Our Bacon Gouda Muffin Sandwich is a combination of thick cut naturally smoked bacon; fluffy eggs, creamy Gouda cheese, and a tasty herb spread nestled inside a warm English muffin. You can also have your choice of savory sizzling sausage, sweet ham, and no egg combinations.  380 calories, 22 grams fat

Also newly featured at Burger King is Smooth Roast Coffee:Burger King New Coffee

18 comments on “New Bacon Gouda Sandwiches from Burger King

  1. Gilly says:

    Burger King really needs to slow down in their methodical ruining of all my favorite foods. What’s next, pizza?

  2. Kevin says:

    Bacon, Gouda, Egg croissant? Sounds good….in my experience the Local BK serves up a better Croissant breakfast sandwich than the Atlanta Bread Company in the same strip mall area…that’s saying something. (I have pics to prove it)

  3. snaz says:

    They are trying to be fancy. No one goes to BK for fancy. I usually try to get rid of the evidence that I went there, not be all proud I got some special sandwich.

  4. snaz says:

    PS is that olive oil to dip their sandwiches in?! Try asking for that in the drive thru next time.

  5. Lancaster says:

    BK is like a flailing copywriter, frantically chucking around ideas to see what sticks. Granted, some of that is necessary and inevitable, but in BK’s case there seems to be such a desperation behind it, like they pluck out key words from market research and hurriedly slap them on products. Philly! Avocado! Wisconsin! Bacon! Bacon GOUDA! Please, god, buy our food! (Seriously, that Philly chicken sandwich of theirs is one of the most embarrassing things they’ve ever released.)

  6. Mike N. says:

    Sounds good to me! I hope there’s a coupon/special.

  7. Raiders757 says:

    I enjoy Gouda Cheese from time to time, so I might try one if they send some coupons in the mail in the near future.

  8. Hugh Jazz says:

    Unlike person above who is so paranoid that he carries on about bacon and avocado being evil “key word” marketing ploys, it does not bother me to see either item on a sandwich. Someone that cynical should avoid leaving the house. Any menu in any restaurant contains key-word marketing. And yes, god forbid, they’re trying to get your $ too … Evil AND greedy!

    As for the sandwiches here, I would say these are a refreshing change from the mis-fires offered by BK in previous new sandwiches (yes, the “Philly” chicken).
    They do have new thicker bacon that ain’t bad for fast food, I won’t knock the cheap gouda until I try it (if it is even reminiscent of gouda it will be a nice change), I’m sure the cheese will be forgettable but likely more complementary than “cheese food product”. But still these breakfast sangers look appetizing.

    The BK croissanwich and McDo’s McGiggles are both great, and

    • Lancaster says:

      It’s not that they’re evil or greedy – it’s that they’re amusingly desperate. BK has been behind McD’s and Wendy’s for some time now, and their aching desire to move back up is reflected in their scattershot approach to new products. It’s just so hilariously uncoordinated. Not that McD’s and Wendy’s don’t misfire as well, of course, but BK has just been releasing so many weird/head-shaking/unimaginative items lately, things that you know won’t stay on their menu longer than a few weeks or months. Taco Bell can get away with that – and does – but it’s rather different to see it in a burger chain.

  9. T.J. says:

    Looks pretty good, actually. Still, I’m sure it is nowhere near as good as the King Mallorca they serve at BK’s in Puerto Rico.

  10. Manavee says:

    OK, I may need to forfeit my Official GrubGrade Commenter Card, but I tried the bacon gouda muffin sandwich today and actually rather liked it. It still tastes kind of “fast foody” but the gouda adds a pleasant twist and makes it interesting. I’d give it an 8/10.

    On the other hand, the Philly Chicken Sandwich was one of the most disgusting things I have ever had at a fast food place. OK, my GrubGrade Commenter card is safe now.

  11. Alek says:

    BK is just hurrying up trying to crank up new ideas some of them were just too lazy:

    -Wisconsin white cheddar it was just another cheese slapped on it
    -Smooth roast coffee what happened to seattle roast?
    -Italian breakfast burrito
    -Southwest burrito

    BK take it easy

  12. Looks ok, I will try it.

  13. Robert says:

    Here’s my initial complaints:

    1) BK’s biscuits are disgusting. But I think the same thing of KFC. McDonald’s is still the standard.
    2) “Smooth roast” coffee doesn’t sound particularly good. Their regular iced coffee is appalling — made from syrup, basically.
    3) Hard to screw up an English Muffin, but on their $1 muffin sandwiches, they come with a disgusting margarine-y spread that ruins the whole thing for me. McDonald’s doesn’t do that on their McMuffins, so I don’t know why BK does it on theirs.

    • Zachary Jacob Zblewski says:

      Hardee’s/Carl’s Jr. biscuits are the “standard”! And yes, Carl’s Jr. now has made-from-scratch biscuits that they call “Hardee’s Biscuits”.

  14. […] 25-cents through March 10th.  Saving some change on coffee to get me in the door to try the new Bacon Gouda Sandwich eh BK?  Well […]

  15. Keith says:

    Had a bacon gouda muffin this morning. It was the best fast food breakfast item I have ever had. The herb spread really makes it delicious. I think I am addicted.


  16. Daniel says:

    Had the Bacon Gouda this morning, and have to confess, that’s a hell of a lot better than anything else on the menu.

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