New-Look Wendy’s Starting Next Week

Starting next week, you’ll begin to see Wendy’s new logo appear in advertising, packaging and new crew uniforms, among other areas.

Wendy's New Logo The logo, which was first unveiled in October, is part of Wendy’s ongoing brand transformation, which also includes the following new or recently launched components:

  • Image Activation Restaurants:  Bold, sleek, ultra-modern designs that feature lounge seating with fireplaces, flat-screen TVs, Wi-Fi and digital menuboards.

Wendy's 2013 New Interior Design

Wendy's 2013 New Exterior Design

  • Packaging:  Cups, bags and other items will roll out in March 2013.

Wendy's 2013 New Packaging

  • New Crew Uniforms:  New crew uniforms will be introduced throughout restaurants in North America, starting in June 2013, and be replaced within all restaurants by June 2014.

New Wendy's Uniforms 2013

When we did a poll to see what the GrubGrade readers thought of the new Wendy’s logo, most of you didn’t really care, but as you can see, more changes are coming soon.  Fireplaces, Wi-Fi, new employee uniforms are cool and all, but I’m still waiting for the Grandfather of Son of Baconator.