Because I’m Tired of the KFC Gameday Bucket Commercials

Whatever happened to singing employees and funny hats?

5 comments on “Because I’m Tired of the KFC Gameday Bucket Commercials

  1. MP says:

    Harriet the annoying redheaded neighbor child from “Small Wonder”.

    I would guess the funny hats went away when the color brown fell out of main stream. Employee singing has been replaced by raging profanity & fights with customers filmed on cell phones.

  2. Raposin says:

    This reminds me of ckickfila. I wouldn’t be surprised if they start singing to you. Lol

  3. T.J. says:

    What drives me loopy about those Game Day Bucket commercials is the whole “dunking” theme. It almost seems like they developed a whole ad campaign under the impression that they were sponsoring the NBA. Then when someone clued those geniuses in that the client was actually the NFL, it was too late to come up with another concept. Without another explanation the whole campaign is just downright asinine.

  4. griffin says:

    KFC bucket go Boom….. Love that commercial

  5. Raiders757 says:

    Reminds of the good ol’ days when Kentucky Fried Chicken tasted great and was a real treat on the rare occasions my parents would bring a bucket home for diner. The times have changed though, and the Colonel’s chicken is shamefully nothing more than a salt lick anymore. These days, for me at least, KFC just stands for Korean Fried Chicken.

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