Checkers & Rally’s Introduce Loaded Potato Skins and Bring Back The Bite Box

The latest side item to be featured on the menu board at Checkers & Rally’s is Loaded Potato Skins.  For a fast food place that already does buffalo wings, this seems like a no-brainer.  “Skins at a drive-thru? Introducing Checkers & Rally’s new Loaded Potato Skins. Seasoned just like our famous fries and decked out with cheese sauce, ranch and crispy bacon, these exploding with flavor taters are going to change the way you think about potato skins.”Checkers Potato SkinsAdvertised at $2.00 for a box (includes seasoned fries and dipping sauce), the Chicken Bite Box and Fish Bite Box have returned to the Checkers/Rally’s menu for a limited time.  Check out our full review of the Fish Bite Box from last year.  From the company description, “Open wide and let the Poppin’ Feast begin. Now you can enjoy two great bite-sized tastes in a box for one low price. Try a fun and loaded with flavor Chicken Bite Box or Fish Bite Box today! Both of these tasty meals come with our Famously Seasoned Fries.”Checkers Fish Chicken Bite Box

One comment on “Checkers & Rally’s Introduce Loaded Potato Skins and Bring Back The Bite Box

  1. maxchain says:

    The Loaded Potato Skins are doable, I guess! Not only did they not change the way I think about potato skins, they made me think “man, good thing the potato, the component with the most to prove, isn’t this thick in real potato skins.”

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