New Big Kid Grilled Cheese from Panera

I’m a big fan of comfort food and an even bigger fan of a good grilled cheese sandwich.  Panera has always come up short in this department as there hasn’t been a legit contender in the grilled cheese category.  A grilled cheese at Panera up until now has been one of those kids menu items or a special order.  Introducing the Big Kid Grilled Cheese.  Priced at $6.99 for the full sandwich alone at my local Panera.  I don’t know how I feel about paying 7 bucks for a grilled cheese sandwich, but I know I’ll be trying it soon anyway.  The “You Pick 2” option with tomato soup is in my near future.

Try our New Big Kid Grilled Cheese with Gruyere, Vermont White Cheddar, organic sliced American cheese and Applewood- Smoked Bacon grilled on our new All-Natural White Miche. Make it a You Pick 2™ and pair it with an everyday favorite, Creamy Tomato Soup.

28 comments on “New Big Kid Grilled Cheese from Panera

  1. Ljay says:

    I was just speaking to somebody yesterday about how outrageous the prices are for a sandwich at places like Jasons Deli, Panera, and McAlisters. I wouldn’t mind so much the price if the products were outstanding but more often then not they are short on flavor and sometimes quality.

    • Raiders757 says:

      Panera is a rip-off for sure, but my local Jason’s Deli “hooks it up”. It’s around the same price as Firehouse, and thus far, the subs I’ve ordered have been much larger than any of the other national sub chains.

      Considering what Subway charges for their foot long offerings at full price, Jason’s a steal. Subway is a rip-off if your not getting a 12″ for $5. Even then, the quality of what little meat you do get, is rather sad. If you pay full price for a 12″ sub at Subway, your a hungry fool, plain and simple. No sub they offer is worth more than $5, period! WaWa blows them away, and they’re a gas station.

      • Mikey D says:

        I guess I’m a hungry fool that got ripped off today because I spent a whopping $6.50 on a foot long at Subway. Guess what…it was a tasty sandwich.

        • Michael Wapmner says:

          Honestly anyone who eats Subway when there are much better options out there like Jersey Mikes and Which Witch need to get their heads checked. I would normally say if its purely money reasons that fine but if your paying 6.50 for a footlong at Subway you can afford much better options.

          • Mikey D says:

            No Jersey Mikes or Which Witch close by, or really any other options besides Quiznos. So please don’t assume there are better options or that I need my head checked. Its just a sandwich. And the price was right and it tasted good.

          • TJ says:

            What about people who don’t live close to another sub place? Jersey Mikes is no where near me, and I’ve never heard of Which Witch. We have Quiznos and it’s a little better, but I find Subway to be average and convenient at times.

      • Ljay says:

        Yeah, I would add Subway and Firehouse to that overpriced list also. Spouse had a 6″ meatball sub from Firehouse a few days ago – almost $7..ridiculous.

  2. 3horseshoes says:

    well, in true panera fashion, that’s a rip off.

    • maynardb61 says:

      I could purchase 6 McDonalds double cheeseburgers for that price.

      • Robert says:

        Comparing anything to a McDonald’s value menu item isn’t exactly fair. But yes, Panera is a ridiculous ripoff. Their bread is sensational and not that crazily priced, though. I will pay $6 for a 2 pound mammoth loaf of fresh rye from Panera. To pay $7 for a sandwich just doesn’t make any sense at all, free bag of chips or not.

  3. RP says:

    My wife and I used to love Panera, but man, now we’re dropping almost $30 for a couple combos and a kids meal. That’s ridiculous for a restaurant that is so inconsistent with portion sizes.

  4. Ruffy says:

    I do agree that Panera is a little overpriced… but I also think they’re the best of the “fast casual” restaurants at making food that actually looks like the advertised sandwich. The quality control is pretty darn good.

  5. Joey F says:

    I got a half of this sandwich and the baked potato soup and it made for a nice lunch, it’s still a grilled cheese though and i can make better at home.

  6. Stephen says:

    It tastes like wax, except the edges, which taste like tough crispy flavorless butter. Pointless.

  7. Mikey D says:

    That is the most pretentious grilled cheese sandwich I’ve ever seen.

  8. Josh says:

    I work at panera( not management or corporate just on the line) and yeah the prices are a bit high but it’s just because thats how much we have to charge because we actually use all organic locally bought produce, and about the inconsistent portion sizes, that’s because we’re not McDonalds were everything comes ore portioned and already made, we make everything on the spot so ofcourse depending on which panera you go to/who’s working at the time, it’s going to be slightly different. Also not goin to lie the BKGC is now my second favorite sandwich, our turkey cranberry panini still trumps everything by far. Just though I’d add my .02$

    • Mikey D says:

      Careful saying you use ALL organic locally bought produce. I seriously doubt that’s the case. But good to know that we are paying extra for the word organic. That is the biggest rip off here.

    • 3horseshoes says:

      Just because they throw in a few organic ingredients here and there doesn’t make up for the fact that they claim to have “artisan” bread even though it is full of conditioners and artificial ingredients and dyes…

  9. Stephen says:

    Oh, and halve everything that’s in that picture. The bread looks half as thick, as does the cheese. There’s supposed to be bacon on it, but not strips of bacon. It has little bacon bits, which you can hunt around for. The bits don’t add bacon flavor, so much as they add a ‘nuance’ of bacon flavor. I ordered the combo with the salad, and I thought the house salad was the better part of the deal. At the time, it made sense to get the Big Kid’s better cheese and added bacon for $1-ish more, but the regular grilled cheese is probably the better deal. Of course, I don’t go around buying $5 (or even $4) grilled cheese sandwiches, so without some sort of special tweak (like they guyre cheese), I simply wouldn’t order it. That’s like paying more than $3 for a hot dog at a restaurant. Why? So easy to cook! Admittedly, a superb grilled cheese (using nothing more than American cheese, butter, and white bread) is hard to find, and requires more cooking skill than what I possess.

  10. Mike D says:

    Folks wits Which Wich not WITCH.

    IT is good, Subway is good depending… Panera/Firehouse/Quiznos and Jersey Mikes are either overpriced or terrible, but none of them are as bad as Sheetz and I hope WaWa is not a repeat of Sheetz.

    Eat local!!!!!!!!!

  11. MP says:

    $7. For a grilled cheese. Not in this lifetime. You can buy a whole loaf a bread and a quarter (if not half) a pound of good cheese from the deli for that much. I wish all this organic/natural crap wasn’t a license to charge elitist prices for things. At the end of the day, it’s still full of calories & sodium to give you the illusion that you’re buying a better product.

    Hell you can make a decent grilled cheese with a typical bread toaster & a microwave (to melt the cheese and to cook the bacon and heat up the soup). Yet Panera is always packed to the gills around lunchtime. I like Panera, I just don’t like their prices at all.

  12. Shannon says:

    That sounds very interesting.

  13. Eric Olsen says:

    Pretty disappointed. Would have loved twice the cheese and bacon. The buns aren’t butter fried like normal grilled cheese sandwiches either, so it’s not as satisfying as an experience. Good flavors. Just wrong proportions.

  14. Dan says:

    I got this with onions and tomato addled. It was awesome.

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