First Impressions of Jack’s Munchie Meal from Jack in the Box

Check out these pics and first impressions from GrubGrade reader Garrett (Fast Food Aficionado).

Jack in the Box is well-known for advertisements that give a not-so-subtle wink and a nod to its less sober patrons.  All pretense of a respectable clientele is thrown out the proverbial drive-thru window with Jack’s Munchie Meal. It consists of your choice of one of four entrees (Stacked Grilled Cheeseburger, Brunch Burger, Exploding Cheesy Chicken Sandwich, and Loaded Nuggets) plus two tacos, a 20-oz drink and half regular/half seasoned curly fries all for $6.This is a meal for the drunkards, the stoners, the man with glassy eyes and shaking palms.  Jack’s Munchie Meal is also the kind of beautiful disaster that a fast food aficionado longs for, and it was with much excitement that I sat down to my cavalcade of calories.  First up was the Exploding Cheesy Chicken. Ostensibly a chicken sandwich topped off with mozzarella cheese sticks and a “gooey white cheese sauce”, this was a confetti of flavor awfulness exploding in my taste piñata. An unbilled appearance by bed of lettuce lay limp against the flood of white cheese sauce. This sauce overwhelmed the mozzarella sticks entirely and added nothing to the bland chicken. Pairing up the dish with marinara would have been a much more successful, albeit traditional, flavor palette.Next up was the Brunch Burger, a bacon cheeseburger topped with a fried egg and hash browns on a croissant. This was a delectable item, perfect for breakfast or late night. Jack’s eggs actually taste like egg, a welcome respite from the Egg McMuffin-like plasticity of competing chains. The bacon was crisp and the cheese blended perfectly. Delicious on its own or paired with a dash of Jack’s Hot Sauce, this was the clear winner of the evening.The Stacked Grilled Cheeseburger is similar to a more petite version of the Carl’s Jr./Hardee’s “Amazing Grilled Bacon Burger”.  A meat patty with a sourdough grilled cheese as the top bun, this was a solid if unspectacular entry in Jack’s fast food pantheon. The lettuce and tomato were unnecessary, the roughage lost in the fattening decadence of the meat and cheese.Last (and without a doubt least) were the Loaded Nuggets. Boldly described as ”chicken nuggets drowning in two kinds of cheese with ranch and bacon”, this was the worst kind of unnatural food disaster. Jack in the Box nuggets are not good to start with, and “drowning” them in the white trash trio of ranch, cheese, and bacon was pure overload. The flavors mixed shockingly poor.  This congealed mess, despite a table full of hungry mouths, was only half-gone at the end of the meal. I believe this is due mostly to the nuggets themselves, which lacked the crispness to counteract the rich toppings.

  • Pros: Although hit-and-miss, you have to give Jack credit for thinking outside the box (pun intended) with the new items. The meal itself (with the tacos, halfsies fries and drink) is a good value for $6. The Brunch Burger is good enough to stay.
  • Cons: The new entrees cost $4 a piece and a bit pricey for what are mostly gussied up value items. Calorically, you’d be better off downing a pitcher of whipping cream. The chicken items are disgusting.

Have you tried Jack’s Munchie Meal?  It’s not in every Jack in the Box location so if you’ve spotted it, please leave a comment with the spotted location and your impressions.