One Dollar Real Fruit Smoothies at Burger King during Labor Day Weekend

Today through Monday, September 3rd, get a small Real Fruit Smoothie from Burger King for just a buck.

Worked hard for your money all week? Then give your pockets a break and relax this Labor Day Weekend with a small Real Fruit Smoothie from BK®. A delicious combination of your favorite summer fruits swirled together in a satisfying smoothie for just a $1 all weekend long.  Offer valid 8/31-9/3. Available all day. Price and participation may vary. Prices higher in AK & HI.

4 comments on “One Dollar Real Fruit Smoothies at Burger King during Labor Day Weekend

  1. Ryan says:

    BK doesn’t do much right lately, but these smoothies are pretty impressive. I tried the raspberry a few days ago and enjoyed it.

  2. Marie says:

    My family brought home both the Strawberry Banana and the Raspberry…both were delicious but liked the Strawberry Banana one even more. MUCH better smoothies than McDonalds…I think McD’s taste cloyingly sweet, while BK’s smoothies taste like real fruit and are very refreshing! Thumbs up, BK!

  3. Gina says:

    Absolutly dicious!! Taste like tropical smoothie! Strawberry banaa is amazing.

  4. jmata says:

    Had two fruit smoothies this weekend. Mango tasted very natural, not too sweet. The raspberry however was reminiscent of a flavored syrup. May have been all “natural” ingredients but a bit too sweet to be considered all fruit. Makes sense since raspberries are naturally a bit tart and may have needed a sweetener. All in all great buy for just a buck!

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