GrubGrade Poll Results: Wendy’s Claims the Best Fast Food Bacon Throne

This was fun.  After about 72 hours, 902 votes were made on our poll and Wendy’s ran away with the crown for Best Fast Food Bacon.  It wasn’t even a close call as Wendy’s took in 425 of the 902 votes for 47.12% of all votes placed.  For a tasty look at Wendy’s bacon, check out my review of the Bacon Deluxe burger.

In distant second came Chick-fil-A with 135 votes, which was a little surprising.  Chick-fil-A has that circular bacon patty of sorts found in my chicken sandwich creations, “The Club” and “The Spicy Western BBQ”.

In 3rd place (113 votes) was Arby’s with their thick-cut pepper bacon found in such menu items as the Ultimate BLT Market Fresh Sandwich.

After the top 3 vote getters, the results are pretty weak for all the other restaurants.  Subway came in dead last with just 10 votes total.  Jack in the Box had 20 votes.  McDonald’s was third to last with only 21 total votes.  So how did you vote?  Are you surprised with the results?  

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Other thoughts:

  • I loved all the comments and feedback.  I’ve been craving the Club Lulu from Jimmy John’s since the poll was posted last Saturday.
  • There was mention of Checkers in the comments.  The BBQZilla did have some pretty good bacon.
  • I found it interesting that McDonald’s and Subway are #1 and #2 in terms of units and sales and they are at the bottom of the barrel with bacon.
  • My top 3 votes would be Wendy’s #1, Arby’s #2, Chick-fil-A #3 so I wasn’t too far off from the consensus.
  • Lots of Five Guys love in the comments.
  • I should try the bacon at A&W.