Guess the Grub: My First Time

UPDATE: Wow, you guys know your frog legs.  Lots of spot on answers in the comments.  Yep, frog legs from Captain Tom’s in Houston Texas.  I ate them all 🙂

40 comments on “Guess the Grub: My First Time

  1. MG says:

    FROG LEGS!?!?!

  2. Bear Silber says:

    Easy…frog legs. I bet they weren’t that good.

  3. CJ says:

    Either fish and chips or fried GATOR

  4. Dante says:

    frog legs.

  5. Alex F. says:

    Deep fried frog legs

  6. Steven says:

    Chicken fried bacon! From where though I have no idea…

  7. Tracy says:

    Frog legs and fries…actually they aren’t horrible and I can be a picky eater.

  8. Kenny says:

    Fried frog legs?

  9. rads says:

    MY guess is fried frog legs

  10. Jim says:

    I’m gonna say frogs legs.

  11. Nick Rovo says:

    I might be far off but frog legs?

  12. Shawn says:

    Frog legs!

  13. Nick says:

    Frog legs?

  14. Moron says:

    Frog legs?

  15. T.J. says:

    Looks like Fish n’ Chips to me. Or fried catfish?

  16. Raiders757 says:

    Frog legs and french fries?

  17. mweav067 says:

    Frog legs?

  18. Joe says:

    Fried Frog Legs. Now what do I win?

  19. Fruf says:

    Frog legs are pretty tasty.

  20. Zack says:

    Deep fried bacon?

  21. Mikey D says:

    Looks pretty freaking awful to me whatever it is.

  22. Ray J. says:

    fried bacon.

  23. Athena says:

    I say deep fried squid or occutpus with french fries.

  24. rob says:

    Fried clam snouts

  25. maynardb61 says:

    Fried frog legs are okay, however my preference will always be gulf coast fried jumbo shrimp.

  26. Dan S. says:

    Definitely fried bacon.

  27. Doug says:

    Frog legs

  28. Ronaldo says:

    Corn on the cob

  29. VanessaG says:

    All I can say is you are braver and more adventurous than me. Enjoy!!

  30. icecycle66 says:

    Ford legs….mmmmmmm. I like them barbeque

  31. holly says:

    it’s gotta be chicken fried bacon from sodalak’s in snook! is it?!

  32. Chris says:

    Soft shell crab?

  33. Cynthia says:

    easily frogs legs, yuck

  34. Tracie says:

    I think it’s steak fingers.

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