Fast Food Fries at the Supermarket

Spotted on shelves by @dandorato on Twitter… Arby’s Curly Fries and Checkers/Rally’s Fries. Fast food grub in the frozen food aisle looks to be a continuing trend.


26 comments on “Fast Food Fries at the Supermarket

  1. Tyler M says:

    I believe Greg over at Freezerburns has reviewed both of them, and each had good reviews if I recall.

  2. E.P. says:

    I’m in the Philadelphia area and have tried the Checkers frozen fries. They were super greasy but very peppery, which I liked. I’d eat them again. Keep in mind, though, that I’ve never been to a Checkers so I couldn’t tell you how the frozen aisle version compares to the fast food restaurant version.

  3. Manavee says:

    I’ve sometimes wondered how franchisees feel about these things. Do they get a cut in the profits?

    For example, the white castle frozen burgers you can get in the supermarket are actually a fairly close approximation to what you can get at the real restaurant.

    Aren’t the frozen products taking money out of the franchisees hands?

    • Ral says:

      Uh, these are created by the appropriate fast food companies and then marketed and sold to grocery stores. Did you really think if Joe Blow came up with these ideas and stole the namebrands/logos in order to market such products around the country that they wouldn’t be sued and legally stopped?

      • Manavee says:

        Uh, yeah, do you know what a franchisee is?

        I understand there is a parent company who makes these frozen products (or more likely licenses it out to someone else to make, a la TGIFridays).

        My question is: if, for example, the Arby’s frozen curly fries are a close approximation of the real thing, might not a customer be tempted to just buy the frozen product rather than take the time to go to their local franchised restaurant?

        If so, do the franchisees get a cut of the profit from the parent company?

        As an aside, I just found out that White Castles are not franchised, which I didn’t know.

    • Rick says:

      They only serve to strengthen the brand. I doubt by local Arby’s will see an uptick in sales after this, but they certainly won’t lose revenue.

  4. drpep says:

    Nathans fries can also be found in supermarkets.

    • Rick says:

      I got my hands on some Nathan’s Famous onion rings out of the freezer as well. Onions are rather hard to re-heat.

    • wenkie says:

      I tried the frozen Nathans Onion Rings – was not impressed at all with them. I’ve heard that the Nathan’s Frozen Fries are pretty good, tho.

  5. Chelsea says:

    I have eaten at Checkers and bought the frozen fries and I think they taste the same….. both delish!! The frozen fries are only 2.67 for a big bag and I always make them with chili dogs or grilled cheese and it saves me the 25 minute trip to the nearest Checkers

  6. Kyle says:

    I saw both of these at my local supermarkets about 2 weeks ago. Went back the next day to get the Checkers ones and they were all gone. Now the Arby’s ones are all gone and it’s been about a week and half and no restock. Sucks cause I really wanted to try them.

  7. M86 says:

    We’ve had the Checker’s/Rally’s fries here in stores for a while… I love them (especially that peppery taste) and they’re cheap. I’ve never had fries at a Checker’s/Rally’s, but these frozen ones are awesome.

    I saw the Arby’s ones a few months ago. I bought a pack, but didn’t get to try them because the significant other ate all of them behind my back!

  8. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Whee. I’ve had Checkers a handful of times, but don’t recall the fries being anything fantastic, if I even got the fries. Might still grab them up though, since all my opinion relies on is hazy memory. Definitely gonna grab the Arby’s fries though. The dude over at Freezer Burns said they taste pretty legit. I’ve tried buying normal frozen curly fries and adding various seasonings to them to sort of emulate Arby’s fries, but have never hit the nail on the head.

  9. ljay says:

    Purchased a bag of the Rallys a few days ago. Decent fries but I prefer the nathans frozen fries.

  10. rob says:

    Checkers etc. doesn’t really make the fries, they have no expertise in frozen food marketing, they license the name, probably the same company is making every variety of these things.

  11. kikurage says:

    I wiil not buy these frozen food. It is troublesome to fly. I do not bother to stand a kitchen. I want to go to the near fast food restaurant to eat.

  12. Bill says:

    I have tried the Arbys, very good when fried, not good when baked.

  13. Dan says:

    Both fries were spot on! Tasted just like Checkers (which are my favorite seasoned fries!)

    BTW, HUGE fan of the site… Thx for the shutout!

  14. Travis says:

    I tried the Arby’s a few nights ago. They were a little soggy even though I kept them in the oven for 2-3 minutes longer than the suggested time. The seasoning was good though. I’ve never been to an Arby’s however so not sure how they compare to the restaurant ones.

  15. Mr. Fed Up says:

    Now if they could just start selling the ‘special sauces’ from chains…yes I know many of them are simple, but it still would be cool and I think a big seller.

    • a says:

      I would kill for Taco Bell cheese sauce (not the queso garbage that tastes nothing like it) and Burger King zesty sauce.

      • Adam Bomb says:

        That zesty sauce is awesome. And you know what BK sauce I really like? Nobody remembers it. It was this spicy sweet bbq mustard sauce. I don’t remember what they called it, but it was on the Indiana Jones Whopper that was sold when the Crystal Skull movie was in theaters. That sauce was amazing!

  16. Gyasi says:

    Love the Checkers Fries! I usually always fry my French fries. But these actually bake well.

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