Food News: McDonald’s Testing Soup?

Interesting sign spotted outside of a Virginia McDonald’s the other day. I’ve read before about how certain McDonald’s have offered Campbell’s Soup as part of a seasonal menu, but until this week had yet to actually see it advertised in stores. Well, apparently some McDonald’s are now selling both Campbell’s Chicken Noodle and Broccoli Cheese Soup for $1.99. Is it part of a new national trend?

I guess if nothing else, it’s a way to warm up this winter if you’re not one for fast food oatmeal and forgot your can opener 🙂

35 comments on “Food News: McDonald’s Testing Soup?

  1. Justin ST says:

    Hilarious. They have had the soups at this particular McDonald’s near me for at least the past year or two. I’ve always noticed it at lunch but never dared to try it. Maybe I’ll try a bowl of the broccoli cheese or chicken noodle. It’s just Campbell’s, I’m sure it’s nothing special. It probably was optional for some franchisees. I think that McDonald’s is the only one that offers soup in the area.

  2. Natalie says:

    There is a McDonald’s in the hospital in my hometown. It’s always offered chicken soup..not sure if it’s Campbell’s or not. That’s the only McDonald’s I’ve seen with soup though.

  3. Jrdunn says:

    In hawaii when i went to school thrre they always had a ramen type soup

  4. Zachary Jacob Zblewski says:

    I seem to recall seeing that Campbell’s Soup sign at random McDonald’s around Wisconsin the past few years.

  5. lz says:

    Several McD’s in my area have been offering these soups for years, some year-round.

  6. hortanz says:

    they’ve actually had soup before. years ago

  7. SkippyMom says:

    I can remember quite a few years back all of our local McD’s offering soup. And we live in VA, so I don’t think it is a test here. Never tried them tho’ – soup at McD’s just scares me, Campbell’s or not.

  8. Keith says:

    $1.99? How much is a can of soup? McDonalds must think we’re all idiots.

    • TJ says:

      I think they’re just making a smart move by taking advantage of people who are busy and want soup. You could say the same thing about many things that are easy to make at home. I probably wouldn’t get this very often, but I never mind more variety.

    • Chefprotoss says:

      Food costs in general should be under 30%. $1.99 is not a ripoff at all.

  9. Cheechmo says:

    I’m thinking soup is probably one of the least scary things on a McDonald’s menu.

    • Keith says:

      I agree – if you’re fine with stuffing McD’s outrageously processed burgers and fries in your gullet, then I’d think soup-from-a-can would be no problem. But seriously, I think this is stupid.

  10. Daniel N says:

    Can you tell us which VA location you saw this at?

  11. Sandy says:

    Back in the 80’s and eary 90’s all the McDonald’s in the Chicago area offered soup. I just assumed they still had it. Working my first job right out of college, that soup was a lunch staple for me. Can’t recall it being good or bad, it was just soup and cheap.

  12. Chipster22 says:

    They have had these Campbell’s soups at our local McDonald’s in Napoleon, Ohio every winter for years. The choice to offer these soups here may be influenced by the fact that Napoleon is home to the largest Campbell’s soup factory in the world.

  13. Griffin says:

    Big MAC with a side of broc cheddar soup

  14. larry says:

    I’d walk a mile for a good bowl of soup. I wouldn’t walk across the street for McDonalds.

    (But that McRib biscuit…can’t seem to get it off my mind)

  15. Chefprotoss says:

    I think it’s just regional/optional, not a test. Some of the ones in my area have had it for years. It’s soup from a can. Nothing special, but if you have a hankering for generic-processed soup, it is par for the course. Wawa’s soup blows it away. Lol, and it is still soup from a bag. Considering my line of work, I’m a huge soup snob, but I try to look at everything in context.

  16. SPM says:

    Great, just want McDonalds needs on the menu, more sodium.

  17. Obbop says:

    If you dump your fries into your soup does it become potato soup?

  18. Bob says:

    McD’s has had soup in wintertime here for awhile as well. It’s just Campells from a can.

    Cooking for a living, I prefer to make my own, tastes better and less like a salt lick. But, it is what it is.

  19. Matt says:

    Bring back the pizza now! haha

  20. bob in texas says:

    Why can’t they just concentrate on making my sandwiches? Or should I say attempt to make a sandwich? Most of the ones I get look like a 2 year old made them.

  21. Jack says:

    it looks a little different from the regular canned soup from them, must be a giant bag of slightly upgraded stuff or maybe that Chunky stuff

  22. Mikey F Baby says:

    They’re Broccoli Cheese soup is really good. Makes me sick every time, but still good lol

  23. Amaranth says:

    I heard a McDonalds ad on an eastern NY State Radio station the other day. They were slinging bad puns and pushing canned soup. I’ve listened to this radio station for 20 years and heard McDonalds ads all along. Never before have they featured soup.

    It’s possible this has been a regional item that McDs wants to roll out nationwide now.

    Either way, it’s a joke. Just get one of those plasticky Soup At Hand containers from the grocery store (nine times out of ten it’s directly across the street from the conflagration of fast food eateries that comes standard with any town boasting over 3,000 occupants). You’ll save 60 cents, and probably avoid the osmosis-induced heart attack you could get standing in line at McDonalds.

  24. Chipster22 says:

    Has is been confirmed that this is the same soup Campbell’s sells in cans? My mom likes the broccoli and cheddar from McDonald’s but we have not been able to find a can that matches the consistancy and taste sold in stores.

  25. If my McDonald’s isn’t selling soup, they should get on it ASAP. At the start of every winter I ask myself WHY do I still live in Minnesota?

    Hahha although I would likely walk the three blocks to McDonalds, get a chicken noodle soup, and follow it with an ice cream cone forgetting that I will get cold again and still have to walk home. Oops. 🙂

  26. Ub says:

    It’s not soup out of a can or plastic container. It comes in bulk from Campbell’s made specifically for McDonalds so get off your high horses and spreading all kinds of BS. It’s regional and is optional if a restaurant carries it.

  27. Ub says:

    No it’s not the same thing. Obviously you aren’t a chef as your handle indicates but if you are you are a dumb one. Out of a can or cup would mean generic same soup you buy at a grocery store. This soup is made specifically for McD with their recipe, not the same as you could buy at a grocery store. Get it now chef?

  28. Claire says:

    McDonald’s has had soup before…specifically Campbell’s soup with broccoli cheddar and chicken noodle being the only flavors. This really isn’t anything new. What would be really great is if you could substitute fries for soup!

  29. KTK says:

    The Broccoli and Cheese might be worth a try. I think if I wanted Campbell’s soup though, I’d just pick up a can at the store and eat it at home.

  30. Mike says:

    The broccoli cheese McDonalds used to sell was the thickest and creamiest I’ve ever had. This was not from a can and I’ve yet to find any soup that comes close! It was the best. Culver’s in WI is the next best thing but still not as good as McDonalds was.

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