Discussion: Shout-Outs to your Favorite Fast Food Workers

There are plenty of thankless jobs in this country (IRS Agent comes to mind), but certainly closest to our hearts here at GrubGrade, is the fast food worker.  Whether flipping burgers or digging those plastic baskets out of the trash, the tasks they perform on a daily basis make the world of fast food go ’round.  Once more, the ugly American in all of us isn’t afraid to demand perfection from them despite paying $1 for our McChicken.  I’m guessing there probably is a Fast Food Workers Appreciation Day and I’m sure a simple Google search could figure out when that is, but the thought struck me today to pay homage to my favorite fast food workers and so, in the spirit of the  instant gratification that is the foundation of fast food, I declare my appreciation now.

Here are a couple of my favorite fast food employees or experiences:

Overly Zealous Taco Bell Drive Thru Guy – He brings an unbelievable energy to his shanghai job every single day and loves to crack slightly off-color jokes like the classic exchange I had with him the other day:  Me – “I’ll take a number 2″  Him – “But you haven’t eaten yet!?”  or  Me – “I’ll have a Mexican Pizza”  Him – “OK, that’s one pizza topped with Mexicans coming right up.”

The Wendy’s Nazi – This is a title my fellow office mates and I have given to the gal taking our order at our local Wendy’s in reference to the Seinfeld Soup Nazi, for her military like demands as you place your order.  She’ll ask:  “Dining In?” before you even make your way through the labirynth of metal rails leading to the counter.  I always feel proud of myself when I answer with confident, one word, rote replies:  Yes.  4.  Pepsi.  No.  (That means I’ll be eating here, I’ll take a number 4 with a Pepsi and I don’t want to Biggie Size it).  I hand her my cash and take a deliberate step to the side to wait for my food, clearing the way for the next subject.

Anyone else have a favorite fast food employee you want to give a shout-out to?

5 comments on “Discussion: Shout-Outs to your Favorite Fast Food Workers

  1. [email protected] says:

    The kind elderly lady who takes forever to fill your order and asks you “what kind of BEVERAGE would you like?”

  2. ratbuddy says:

    Whoa, the website layout is totally broken today. Was fine a day or two ago.

  3. Obbop says:

    Want to freak out a fast-food employee? Have done it a couple times at the drive-through window…. tip the non-management worker a buck while stating they work hard and deserve it.

  4. Lindsay says:

    Thank you Chinese Food Lady at Panda Buffet – you constantly yell out “can I take your order” and you keep things moving fast so I can get my lunch quicker. Also, when you see me walking up you already know and say, “Number 5 to go?” And I respond with “Yes, you are correct.” You laugh, “Always the same!!” I respond, “Yes, because it’s my favorite!”

    You rock. :)

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