McDonald’s New Fresh Bakery Tastes

Looks like McDonald’s is stepping in to the bakery game.  Fresh Bakery Tastes menu items include:

  • Multi-Grain Berry and Blueberry Muffin
  • Cheese Danish
  • Corn Muffins
  • Butter Croissants
  • Mini Vanilla Scones

Fresh Bakery Tastes is available in select markets.  Pictures submitted by GG reader Christian from a McDonald’s in an area outside of Albany, New York.  Has anyone out there seen these at their local McD’s? If you happen to come across any test items in your local market, feel free to pass along the info and pics.  Thanks!

27 comments on “McDonald’s New Fresh Bakery Tastes

  1. Allokago says:

    Does anyone else think McDonalds is doing too much for too little gain? I won’t even go to McDonalds in my city anymore–and we have two–because the wait time has gotten out of control. It takes like ten minutes to get food from these places now. It’s not even fast food anymore. I feel like they’re trying to compete with Starbucks instead of Wendy’s and BK.

    • Roger C. says:

      Completely agree. If you’ve ever worked in a restaurant, you’d know they are headed for trouble. The corporate heads are out of touch with reality. Smoothies(actually blended), McCafe, and now fresh baked goods is insane. There are like 10 employees working on any given shift in their locations now.

      That is overkill, and I bet there is no payoff!

      • JLM says:

        Headed for trouble? I don’t think so. Maybe headed for the bank, laughing on the way. Look what all the nay-sayers about McCafe are saying now. Look at the performance of the company. Out of touch corporate heads? Yeah right….

      • kevin says:

        You are out of touch my friend! My family and I own 4 franchises and have never seen the sales numbers we are pulling like last year, and this 1st quarter is off to a record start. McDonalds stock is at an all time high aroun 100$/share. The bakery line was another huge investment by us and corporate and is going to pay off like the smoothies and frappes have. Those beverage lines have done and continue to do outstanding. Please learn your facts before claiming them. Bakery at my restaraunts starts tomorrow!

  2. Ellie says:

    I just answered a survey about bakery goods and coffee and they were focusing on McD, Chick-fil-A, Starbucks and Dunkin. I wonder if this has something to do with that.

  3. Manavee says:

    They used to have a cheese danish back in the day, and it was awesome. It didn’t look like the above picture, though.

  4. Bill P says:

    Which McD’s outside of Albany? I work in Albany and live outside it… want to know where to stop on the way home tomorrow. 🙂

  5. Christian says:

    @Bill P it’s the McDonald’s in Wynantskill….on RT 66…about 15 minutes from downtown Albany….

  6. Adam says:

    I hope those are REAL butter croissants and not no butter flavored Pullsbury products!

  7. Chefprotoss or dan says:

    Does this really make anyone excited? I’m sure an angus mac would bring in people in droves, but now the world’s biggest burger joint is a bakery too? The guy above was right. They are trying waaay too hard. Anyone care for some McTapas? A McTandori Chicken Club?

    • Jade says:

      Haha, here in the UK we have Indian-themed items quite frequently (snack wraps etc)….but then curry is our national dish 😀

      Personally I think this is a good idea – it brings people into a McDonalds who wouldn’t normally go, say an office worker on the way to work. How early do US McDonalds open? Over here it’s 6am and we have porridge (oatmeal), baked goods, bagels with cream cheese or jam as well as the breakfast meat muffins and pancakes, and it seems to be pretty successful. We’ve also had the ‘fancier’ coffee for longer than the US and again, it’s popular.

      Of course, much depends on marketing…

  8. Tracy says:

    Many years ago when I worked at Roy Rogers they served croissants and danishes. They were big sellers. We would put them on the roast beef steamers when ordered to heat them a bit. I think it’s nice to have other options besides egg sandwiches and baked goods shouldn’t increase the wait time.

  9. Douglas says:

    I had the cheese danish and liked it!

  10. Deanna says:

    When would you order a corn muffin at McDonald’s? That’s not a breakfast food, at least in my mind. Is it an side item for your salad or your McNuggets?

  11. Roger C. says:

    Jack of all trade…MASTER OF NONE.

    McDonald’s will be in for a reality check soon!

    All these menu items mean that McDonald’s will have to hire a bunch of employees in order to keep the place functioning. This is bad news.

    • JLM says:

      How is hiring a bunch of employees bad news? Helloooo? Do you live in the same economy that the rest of us live in?

      You want to throw around a “Jack Of All Trade” moniker, look at the appropriately named Jack In The Box, not McDonald’s.

      McDonald’s is clearly the master of the quick service industry….

  12. rob says:

    It doesn’t matter how much they expand the menu, there are people who will eat at a McDonalds, and people who won’t, and that’s the way the world will always be.

  13. mitchery says:

    I’m always afraid to try stuff like this from Mcdonalds. Just like the parfaits, I would look at them and just think that they have to be expired because who in the right mind orders a parfait at Mcdonalds. So if no one orders them, do they just stay in that glass case that looks impenetrable to begin with? Is there really a door to that case or does Mcdonalds already know that it will never be opened? These are the questions of modern philosophers.

    • Crystal says:

      I order the fruit and yogurt parfaits quite a bit actually. They’re really good and something different when I don’t feel like a burger, but my kids want McDonalds.

      • LW says:

        Yeah I also agree; the parfaits are a measly 100calories (I think 130 with the granola) and it’s relatively tasty. They don’t taste expired, btw.

  14. Barbara says:

    Kudos to McDonalds for answering America’s call for a baked fresh, healthier alternative to the fried, sugar coated cardiac treats of the past.

  15. Ub says:

    Roger C you have no clue. McDonald’s as a whole is as fast and in many cases faster by averages than they have been in previous years. Not only that, these new items with the mcafe line such as smoothies, mochas, and frappes are very profitable for the company not to mention awesome products. Unlike most fast foods that throw these products out there half asses, McDonald’s put in machines that are better than what starbucks and other coffee houses use.

    You can hate on them all you want but you have no idea what you are talking about. I think the profits many are making off their stocks keep many of us happy.

  16. Rachael says:

    I tried the Vanilla Bean Scones today and they were awful. I’m still going to try the Muffins and Cheese Danish but couldn’t believe how much I disliked the scone. I ate half of one and threw the other 2 1/2 in the garbage.

  17. jan brennan says:

    Ordered a blueberry muffin, thinking it would be a “healthier” alternative to what I really was craving, the cheese danish. Found out later the muffin is over 400 calories! (as is the danish). So much for good intentions. Also, it tasted pretty bad, dry, and is quite small. “Edible” and “not completely replusive” are the best reviews I can give it.

  18. October says:

    My thing isn’t so much calories… That doesn’t mean a hill of beans to me… I want an ingredient list… The pastries sound like they might be tastie but what garbage are they putting in there?? Or is it perservatives so that it still looks like a muffin 2+ years from now??

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