Enough With The Pizza Places: Mmm… GogiBop

I live in a town of around 60,000 people and we have WAY TOO MANY PIZZA PLACES!!!  I swear a new one pops up every few weeks it seems.  It’s cool that they are mostly non-chain joints to mix it up some, but it’s really the same old model.  Pizza, wings, subs, stromboli etc etc etc.  This past weekend Frederick, Maryland gets GogiBop, a place that serves up Korean BBQ Wraps.  Tasty indeed and I’ll be making a return visit.  This wrap was a pretty hefty size.  Basically it was like getting a Chipotle burrito with a bunch of new flavor choices to add to the mix.  I went for the chicken wrap and added rice, grilled zucchini, corn, onions and lettuce.  A side cup of diced habanero peppers to add as I pleased.  $6.59 and a full stomach.

I’ll also admit to the Chicken Tempura $2.99 side item (not pictured because I ate it in my car because I couldn’t wait)… yeah I’m a pig today.  :)  Good stuff GogiBop.  And thanks for the free movie tickets I won in your random drawing… much obliged.
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