Food News: Popeyes Buffalo Chicken Nuggets

You can call this a “Food News” post or even better… a “What I Had For Dinner” post.  I noticed a sign at my local Popeyes advertising the return of Buffalo Chicken Nuggets so of course I had to grab a box.  Popeyes doesn’t really come out with a ton of new menu items annually, but they are good at teasing.  They’ll have certain items make seasonal appearances (ahem, Crawfish Tackle Box)… they show up for a month or so and then go on hiatus.  This strategy can toy with a grubbers emotions, and Buffalo Chicken Nuggets are surely subject to this game.  $2.99 for 8 nuggets w/ a side of ranch dipping sauce. $5.79 for 16. Are Buffalo Chicken Nuggets currently at your local Popeyes?